SOLD 1985 FJ60 3.9L 4spd Movie Set Truck Conversion $22k OBO

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  1. 60 Series
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This converted 1985 FJ60 is a custom fabricated truck originally for the movie Triple Frontier with Ben Affleck. Never used in the movie, but later used on “Mayans” and “Criminal Minds”.
The truck has just over 153k miles with a nice running 3.9L factory engine and 4-speed manual transmission. Carb was just rebuilt. New tires, brakes, and driveshaft. The power windows are slow and will need repair soon.

The frame was stretched to accommodate the 83 Toyota pickup long bed which was widened as well. Brake lines and parking brake were extended. 12 Gallon fuel cell mounted under the center of the bed. A 3” Lift kit was added. A Blackhorse rollbar resides in the back with 2x .50Cal ammo cans for storage. 5 Gallon Jerry can is mounted on the bed. The open-air cabin has a custom canvas and plastic window enclosure to keep out rain or wind in the desert. It rolls up for open-air fun.

Seats have been recovered and the custom headliner is new. There are 4 LED lights on the roof that can be white or yellow with 2 additional drive lights on the tube front bumper. Rear bumper is tube also. The paint is a 2019 Toyota tan shot in satin to reduce glare.

Everyone knows these trucks last forever and go anywhere. For offroad fun, this is your rig.

Clip of truck in use (was painted black): Mayans M.C. | Script to Screen #4 - Season 3 Ep. 5 Highlight | FX

VIN: JT3FJ60G4F1129681






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