1984 Toyota Fj60 Cruiser Bogging Issue

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Jul 27, 2016
Chesterland Ohio
Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I had a couple questions about my cruiser I just picked up. I'm not completely new to these engine but its been awhile since my first restoration of a fj40 long ago. Its an inline 6 like what came stock with the fj60, 4 speed forward and reverse, nothing fancy. I recently started engine work on it and have found a issue that I just cant wrap my head around. I had just recently replaced the coil, added a HEI distributor, new plugs, and new ignition wires. It starts and idles fine, but the problem starts when you start to drive it. I can go safely to about 2,000 rpm and then the engine will begin to bog. It will bog for a second and then go right back to normal then bog again. In neutral holding at 2500 rpm it will run and then die. I'm thinking that it may of been a bad move on my part of getting the HEI distributor, although I don't have much to compare it to in the first place.
Welcome to Mud and congratulations on your 60.

You will get a lot more responses if you post this in the 60-series forum: 60-Series Wagons
(you accidentally posted in the FJ Cruiser forum).

Just from your description, it sounds like the ignition timing is too far advanced to me, but it's impossible to say without being there. Since you did replace the distributor, I would double-check your timing. Personally, I'm not a fan of aftermarket distributors, HEI or otherwise - the stock Toyota "big cap" dizzy that came on your 60 from the factory is the penultimate distributor for a 2F engine; you can't do better than that IMO.

Good luck with your problem in any event.
Sounds like there is a problem with decel fuel cut system. The computer is seeing high rpm but not throttle input, so it turns off the fuel solenoid in the carb.

Download the emissions FSM and run through the tests of the fuel cut components.

And consider replacing chintzy Camero distributor with a hi output, waterproof, ball bearing, variable dwell unit. They come stock in 81-87 USA 2F engines. ;)
Sounds like EGR valve clogged. Suck on vac hose while tapping the top hat, and listen if a rock falls down feed tube to oilpan

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