1. P

    For Sale  Pertronix 1665a and Flame Thrower Coil NIB. 2f

    For sale is a pertronix 1665a HEI conversion, and a matching 3 ohm flame thrower coil. Never used. $75 shipped for the pair. (Located in Wisconsin) I dont get on here much, so please text me at 908-872-7575
  2. smallv8

    1977 2F HEI install

    Hi Y'all Need some help. Doing an HEI install on a 77' 40. Hi Guys, Need some help, doin an install of an HEI distributor on a 77' 40. Ive done this a few times (plug and play) however this ones getting a little cap wobble (possible non-metric gear), smoke from the hot lead to starter and...
  3. J

    74 FJ40 MAF HEI wiring question

    Hello, I have a 74 FJ40 with an F155, desmogged, that I installed a MAF "lightning strike" HEI (mechanical advance) in place of the OEM vacuum retard dizzy. This is what I've done, I have no doubt you will find I've not done it correctly, if I had I wouldn't be asking for help getting it right...
  4. ToyotaMatt


    Hi , -I have a Clean low miles Weber 32 36 DGV made in Spain red-line air horn for late model 2F USA special air cleaner man a fre adapters base - this is a upgraded manual choke model requires OEM choke cable - other info #27 # #26 stamped on side barrels ? - I donr know much about...
  5. TroutFJ

    HEI dizzy install issue!

    Hey folks. So, I have everything else done, new tranny, desmog, headers, exhaust, Weber carb, and everything. The last thing is to get this dizzy installed and I can start her up! The problem is I've spent all day and last night trying to get the damn thing to seat to no avail. I've done...
  6. jvincig01

    For Sale  HEI Distributor - Calif.

    I recently switched over to a stock disti with Pertronix so I don't have a need for this distributor. It needs a gasket (doesn't use an o-ring). It worked fine but oil did work its way up the shaft. I dont think I had the right gasket and it probably could have been clamped down better. It...
  7. tucson_sailors

    DUI Aftermarket HEI distributor for F/2F engines?

    Anybody ever heard of these? I know about having JimC or someone else on the club recurve your dizzy if you desmog, but haven't heard of an actual *upgrade* that would produce better spark. Wondering if it comes with its own bottle of snake oil, or if its legit. Here's the ad copy from a CL ad...
  8. jvincig01

    Ditching HEI - how do I switch to Toyota with Pertronix ?

    So here's the story. I have a HEI distributor in my rig and running a Weber carb (that's going away at a later time). I have all new aftermarket wiring with literally one pink wire connected to the "battery" spot on the HEI. I want to go back in time and install a Toyota distributor with...
  9. 03ebu22

    1984 Toyota Fj60 Cruiser Bogging Issue

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I had a couple questions about my cruiser I just picked up. I'm not completely new to these engine but its been awhile since my first restoration of a fj40 long ago. Its an inline 6 like what came stock with the fj60, 4 speed forward and reverse, nothing...
  10. montanacruiser60

    Ignition problems

    I NEED HELP!!! Ha. Hey everyone. I am in desperate need of some ignition help. My 83 fj60 with a full desmog stopped giving me spark. I have a dui hei distributor pretty much new with about a thousand miles our less on it. I have tested every component I could think of. Even went as far as...
  11. jetmutant

    Troubleshooting .. perhaps this may help some one

    Hey all, Long time lurker here mostly .. Anyhow I have a 78 FJ40 that I am slowly resto modding, it has a stock 2F with header, Weber 32/36 carb and an HEI ignition. Runs pretty good ... now but i did go through an extended period of hair pulling recently. The issue was that it would run...
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