bogging at speed

  1. P

    On a road trip and disabled, need some vacuum advance help!

    So I just had my '87 FJ60 carb rebuilt and all vac lines and some pressurized lines replaced by Dependable Carburetor. Was running better than ever, could actually cruise at 75+. Accidentally shut the car off on the freeway going to LA, and now there is a huge bucking hesitation at around 2000...
  2. 03ebu22

    1984 Toyota Fj60 Cruiser Bogging Issue

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I had a couple questions about my cruiser I just picked up. I'm not completely new to these engine but its been awhile since my first restoration of a fj40 long ago. Its an inline 6 like what came stock with the fj60, 4 speed forward and reverse, nothing...
  3. Jibreezy82


    Hi All My 93 LC80 1FZ-FE is bogging and jerking unpredictably. Sudden drop in RPM then picking again. Sometimes it doesnt go above 2500 RPM on full throttle. It picks up again and would drive normally up to 4200RPM. then it would do it gain. This started when I passed by a very small poodle...
  4. LSDbrand

    Engine bogs under full throttle

    Hello eveyone. I have been reading a lot in IH8MUD and it has been very helpful on my truck. I actually have a Toyota FJZ73 but the engine is exactly the same as on the injection FJZ80 so I think I will get more replies on this forum. just to start the car is Toyota 1998 FJZ73 Engine 1FZ-FE...
  5. jetmutant

    Troubleshooting .. perhaps this may help some one

    Hey all, Long time lurker here mostly .. Anyhow I have a 78 FJ40 that I am slowly resto modding, it has a stock 2F with header, Weber 32/36 carb and an HEI ignition. Runs pretty good ... now but i did go through an extended period of hair pulling recently. The issue was that it would run...
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