1984 FJ60 in San Francisco - $800?

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United States
No affilliation, but I've seen this rig in craigslist for quite a while now. IIRC, it was originally priced somewhere around $2k...but it's now down to $800.

Just throwing it out to anyone who might be interested...



I would buy that in a heart beat if it wasn't one the other side of the country! :doh:
"Tranny synchromesh second gear is bad, drivable except smog pump seized, water pump belt also connected to smog, I think...

Battery dead"

This was what he emailed me. I asked him to look at the frame and get back to me but never heard back.

I really wanted to get it, but couldn't swing the extra cash at the time, especially since the main draw of picking it up, without knowing the frame condition, was the ARB.
I sent him an email to see if he sold it. will post up if I hear back.

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