For Sale 1982 BJ40 Diesel

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United States
1982 BJ40 Diesel Landcruiser with 3B and H55F 5 speed trans. It is a left hand drive rig from Panama. I drove it back from Arizona to Washington State about 3 years back and just as I got to the house the original diesel went TU. I had a newer 3B and H55 put into it and it has sat since. I hate to sell the project but I have a 15 month old daughter and am working 12 to 14 hours a day. I have no time to restore it. The frame is solid and has typical pinholes in the floor pan and a few rust spots here and there, but would make a great platform for a rebuild. No power steering, heat or AC (Panama standard). For $7000 I will throw in a mint unmodified Canadian M101 trailer.
Like I said, it has sat for a year or so and I would like to see it go to a good home.

Just went out and charged the battery, glowed it and it fired right up. I have been driving it for the past hour or so. Runs pretty good with no smoke. I think the trailer is going to go this weekend so the BJ by itself is $6000.
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1982 BJ40

I just looked at the pictures and noticed that the paint is deceiving. It was raining so the paint looks pretty awesome, but it isnt.
Are you sure its an 1982? The dash doesnt look right or the door panels.Any back seats or roll bar? Thanks, MIke

I also have a new large roof rack for it that is new that I will throw in as well. Also I have a box of all the parts to put in a heating system if you want to do that.
Yes, it is an 82. The door panels are a poor attempt in Panama to update the interior.
Steering wheel is 8/80 and later so it's at least a 1981.

I wish i had the cash... nice rig... GLWS
No, it has been sitting for awhile. I would not sell it as a vehicle to pick up and drive from here. It is a good platform for somebody who wants a good platform to start a project from. I will sell it to somebody local who has the time to come look it over, but wont sell it to somebody sight unseen, or somebody who has to make a special trip across cross-country to see it.
I don't want to misrepresent the rig, it is a good starting point.
Seems like a good deal bro. Good luck with the sale.
Thanks. I wouldnt even be selling it if I wasnt so busy and didnt have the time for the project, but I have too many projects and have decided to let it go to a good home.
very interested...have experience with south american BJ's...sent you a PM
1982 BJ40

Since I have been asked I thought I would put it out there that if someone just wanted the Landcruiser I would take $6000 for it.
$1000 for trailer.
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M101 pics

Everyone keeps asking about the M101 so I decided to post some pictures. I don't know how long it will be for sale since it is also listed on C.L. and I have quite a few responses, but I thought I would let the MUD community know in case there was a local mudder.

No, the meyers manx tow'd isn't for sale at this time. If anyone wants pictures though once the build starts in earnest let me know.
Fired right up

Charged the battery, glowed it and it fired right up. I have been driving it for the past hour or so. Runs good.

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