1979 FJ 55 for sale

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Oct 11, 2005
United States
1979 FJ55 iron pig for sale. This truck is in very good condiction. set up and used as a trail truck. All rust has been repaired by cutting out and welding in new metal, not pretty but strong. Everything works, comes with new and used spare parts. Military trail tires, tire chains, tow hooks, winch platform front and rear. Only needs front windshield. All other glass in good shape, all windows work, new rearwindow motor, no rust on frame. Runs good , trans and clutch very good, engine strong, uses NO OIL. tube steel header, new exhaust , full tail pipe, good gas tank, good fuel and brake lines,rebuilt rear brakes. Rebuilt starter. Pig comes with 6.5 ft. meyers snowplow with frame, pump and all parts. Plow is not on pig. price $1890. located 50 miles north of philly, Pa. Call Ron for details 215-297-8579, email roadsport1@verizon.net will send you photos of pig.
Fj55 will be at the pig run Aug.19 at raush creek

The fj55 will be at the pig run (raush creek) Aug. 19 all people interested can view the pig there.

If I have not sent photos, please email me at roadsport1@verizon.net and I will send again. Had a great time at raucsh creek, we had 11 pigs there that day.
Please note frame and body mounting points are in very good rust free condiction on this FJ 55 that I am selling. Please call Ron Norton at 215-297-8579 if have any questions
here's a pic

Will you sell it for $1700.00? I'd like to add your pig to my fj's.
I'm a serious buyer and can get to your place thursday or saturday.
Give me your address so I can map where you're located. I am from
Lock Haven, PA.
I just checked with the seller. This truck is sold.

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