1972 FJ55 For Sale

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Nov 17, 2011
United States
Hello –

I have decided to offer our 1972 FJ55 for sale. It is a complete, mostly original, licensed, running Pig. It also comes with a 1978 2F engine & 4 spd. transmission and some spare parts. It is located in Hailey, Idaho and I may be willing to drive (up to 4-5 hrs.?) to help w/delivery if necessary.

The short answer to why I have decided to sell is that I just haven’t fallen in love with it like I have my other projects.

There is a thread I started about getting it back on the road after being parked for close to 20 years located here: https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj55-iron-pig-preservation-society/534198-new-fj55s.html The thread got pretty long, but it covers most of the work I’ve done on it to get it running and back on the road.

The cliff notes version of the story:
I am the second owner (officially on the title at least) and it has lived its entire life in the high desert of Idaho (ie: dry climate). It had been sitting at a friend’s dad’s house for close to 20 years and I decided to make it my “winter project” last winter (‘11/’12) to get it back on the road. My philosophy on bringing it back to life was to focus on making it safe and mechanically sound, clean enough that I don’t cringe every time I have to get inside.

This is a basically stock 1972 FJ55 with the original (rebuilt) engine, 3 spd. trans. & all the bits and pieces. It does have an overdrive installed as well. Just about everything works and everything I’ve taken off of it or bought for it is included. While it is not “rust free”, it has definitely benefited from living its entire life in the high desert – the body, frame, just about everything really, is in remarkable shape.

Some of the highlights of what I’ve done to it include:
New clutch MC & slave cyl. & stainless braided line
Completely rebuilt drum brake system – MC, all brake cylinders, new (rebuilt) booster, stainless lines etc…
Stripped & cleaned the interior
Recovered stock bench seats
New tires
Flushed radiator
Mark’s Offroad rebuilt carb. w/vac. advance mod.
New SloCruisers tailgate window lower seal
New metal tailgate window gear
New door seals (4 @ body)
Dash cap
Installed oil pressure gauge
A list a mile long of little stuff

So what’s it need:
Either nothing, or everything; depends on your perspective. I’ve been driving it for a few months as an around town rig, shuttling kids, getting groceries, driving to work etc… and it’s running and driving well. It starts right up, shifts great, the brakes work great, everything works. That said, I think it would be a perfect candidate for a complete restoration done right due to being such a solid foundation from which to start.

The 1978 2F engine & 4 spd. trans.:
Currently installed and running is the original (rebuilt) 1F and 3 spd. transmission. It starts easily and runs well. I can do compression and leak down tests if necessary. I found a local guy who was selling a 2F and 4 spd. transmission out of a 1978 FJ40 – I bought both, along with a bunch of “extra parts” he had for $450. The transmission needs a seal kit, bearings and the necessary pieces to adapt it to the 3 spd. transfer case. I disassembled the engine and had a machine/engine shop go through everything for me with the intention of reassembling it myself. I have everything back from the machine shop waiting to be reassembled. Including:

Hot tanked all parts
Bore & hone block
Grind crank
Refurbed cam
Recon. rods
Valve job
Surface head
Complete rebuild kit with: New pistons, bearings, oil pump, gaskets etc…
9 qts. of Joe Gibbs break-in oil

The price:
Here’s what it’s worth to me: $5,000 for everything.

The Pig originally cost me $250 (I still need to pay my friend!) I have receipts for about $3900 for parts and pieces for the Pig, not including another $500 or so in consumables. I paid $450 for the motor and 4 spd. trans. and my bill at the machine shop was $2337. So I have about $6937 into it to date – not counting consumables.

Maybe I’m high on life to think that it would be worth $5K to someone else, but that’s my number at the moment.

I’d much rather this Pig be passed on to a MUD member or other enthusiast than J.Q. Public. If you are interested, please send me a PM or email through MUD & I will forward my phone number. Whether you are serious or just kicking tires, I only ask that you are respectful of my time and energy - I am more than happy to take photos of ANYTHING, and discuss ANYTHING about the truck. Please ask any question – I want prospective buyers to know exactly what they are getting and be comfortable before purchasing etc....

It’s a little cumbersome to post a lot of photos here so I’ll post a few, and then provide a link to more once I set that up. . . I took close to 65 photos today, but need to set up a Photobucket account or something similar. I'll post a link when I sort that out.

Thanks for reading this far!

Smoking deal.
That is a smoking deal! sorry to hear, you're selling. You put alot time and effort into it, good luck.
Hello -

I just added a slew of photos to Photobucket. A bunch are new and a bunch are from my build/rehab thread. Here's a new link:

FJ55 pictures by TNDabney - Photobucket

If you'd like to see something specific that isn't included, please ask!

How did the roof come out in the end?

Did the supports go back in and is pretty wavy?

How did the roof come out in the end?

Did the supports go back in and is pretty wavy?


I have not reinstalled the roof supports - they are sitting in my storage closet. I waffled back and forth on whether to reinstall the ones I took out including adding a third support towards the rear or creating something custom - either in steel or laminated wood or some combination of both. . . I just lost steam.

The roof does have some waves, but I bet they could be straightened out with some hammer and dolly work. The carpet I installed on the underside silences the "tin can effect". I painted the exterior of the roof w/POR15 to stop the rust - I've had good success w/POR in the past. My intention is to topcoat it shortly. . .

The additional photos I posted on Photobucket show some of the roof too.

Just a quick update and some closure.

I delivered the '55 to its new owner/keeper yesterday; it will stay in Idaho! He's a great guy (I'm pretty sure we're actually related, high up the tree) and I'm excited to have found it a good home. If he starts a new thread here, I'll be the first to subscribe!


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