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Aug 4, 2009
Boise, Idaho
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  1. 40 Series
Boise Idaho, United States
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1972 FJ40 in Boise, ID. First of all, why am I selling? I have five vehicle with two of them needing time and money-the 40 and a camper van. With the upcoming ski season in an unsure place, we're going all in on the van so we can stay at trailheads for BC if needed.

I bought this from a coworkers husband in poor health. He's owned in since the late 80s. I have meticulous records from him and have kept records of the work I've done. Original motor-odometer reads 33,xxx miles and he thought it was about 133,xxx. OEM four speed installed at Toyota dealer. Some motor work done over the years and I'll have to pull out his records.

The good:

-New SOR 2" springs and shocks. I installed with hand tools-no rust on chassis. Front left spring was broken.
-Complete top, doors, and glass. New felt in doors.
-Some body rust but not much, see pics.
-Vins match.
-Tires in great shape.
-Front seat re-apolstered by PO. A little rough but will last a long time.
-New battery.
-Pulled dash and cleaned electrical connections.
-Rear jump seats included.
-New top seal and hardware.
-Bimini included.
-Baselined fluids a year ago.
-Lights all work.
-4x4 works.
-PO took to mechanic and had brakes redone before parkings and I was having trouble. Couldn't figure it out so took it to my mechanic. PO had wrong drums installed. I had all new lines, shoes, and drums installed. Bearings inspected and all good.
-New clutch less than 10k ago.
-New OEM wiper assemblies and blades.
-SOR cover that does have some tears.
-PO had radio in glove box so dash was never cut. Radio is gone now.
-Installed LED dash lights.
-Lots of records, manuals, old FJ40 catalogs.
-New window felt.
-Good shape spare but not on in some of the pics.
-SOR speaker mounts included but not installed.
-Rear heater works.

The bad (and why I'm not devoting the time now):

-Header has a crack-might be able to weld it or will have to replace. Backfires due to crack.
-Carb needs rebuilt or replaced. It works but you can see some fuel leaks starting. If cold or sits too long, have to spray starting fluid in carb.
-High beam switch doesn't work. Haven't pulled and cleaned.
-Oil pressure gauge on dash doesn't work. Aftermarket installed and works fine.
-Heater vent switch is stuck.
-Front left fender is dented.
-Windshield washer doesn't work. I have some SOR parts I started to install and didn't finish.
-Aftermarket roll bar so some extra holes in tub where the seats were bolted inboard a little to fit the bar.
-Some loose wires that connect to anything from radio that need to be cleaned up.

Not looking for trades. $8,000 OBO. You'll want to trailer. Top and doors are off now but I can put them back on for transport. Let me know if you have questions, concerns, if I'm off on price, etc. I'm more of an 80 guy so forgive any ignorance I may have on this 40. PM me a phone # if you want to talk.
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Aug 4, 2009
Boise, Idaho
More pics. When you clean the dirt off the frame, not really any rust to speak of. I think it may have come from AZ to ID in the early 80s but not sure. Been in ID since then.


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