For Sale 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 4-Speed Sea Foam Green in Miami, Florida, USA

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United States

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser FJ40
Year: 1968
Location: Miami, FL
Engine: Stock Toyota F
Transmission: Upgraded to Stock Toyota 4 Speed
Color: Sea Foam Green
Interior: Camel
Extras: Pioneer Radio, Amplifier, & Speakers Installed
Condition: Excellent. Rust free, freshly painted, new upholstery. Engine overhauled, new battery and wiring.

This FJ looks and drives like a dream! It lived most its life with one owner in Bogota, Colombia. Over the past year, I had it frame-off overhauled to bring it up to excellent condition, including a fresh new paint job and interior, and it now lives in Miami, FL. Everything works like the day it was made and it's even upgraded to a 4-speed transmission which makes for a smoother more efficient drive. There aren't many like these short '68s and the beautiful color of this one certainly turns many heads. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions or let you drive it in person if you're in the Miami area.

Looks like someone polished another turd...
Kinked rad hoses, no fan shroud, sounds like there's a bearing going somewhere, 3 different makes of tires, s***ty black paint job on engine, stapled up headliner? , wipers are broken
Things might be different with a 1968 from Columbia, but those turn signals and tail lights aren't right for a 1968. I have a 1968.
This is getting some action on it's eBay auction.
so... why refurbish a truck to this level and put the metal plating on the quarter panels as if you were trying to cover up rust holes.?? That stuff might be the shizzel in colombia but here in the USA it significantly decreases the value.
someone explain those doors to me? later model outer skin with early inner skin? I've never seen that before
"It lived most its life with one owner in Bogota, Colombia"

its almost like a one owner.......but probably not ;)

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