150 Amp Sequoia Alternator install with Photoman Bracket (Part 1 of 3) (1 Viewer)

Aug 2, 2014
The Savannah River Valley
After my 94 FZJ80's alternator gave me a charge light and the "Christmas Tree" and barely doing 12V, I spent a whopping $22 and bought some new Toyota brushes. Alas, despite new brushes, it refused to reliably generate power which meant the voltage regulator/rectifier assembly had given up the ghost. At $130-150 this part from a quality brand and feeling the bearings were a bit gritchy, I decided to bite the bullet and install the Photoman Sequoia alternator bracket and pulley kit as well as the wiring adapter. Bill (Photoman) is responsive and ships quickly. Installing this unit is almost identical to replacing the stock unit.

Tools used:
-Metric sockets and GearWrench ratcheting combo wrenches
-Oil filter wrench (removing the filter makes it much easier to feed the alternator in)
-Torque Wrench
-Corded 1/2" drive electric impact wrench and 22mm impact socket
-Gear puller
-Welding Gloves
-Needle nose pliers
-Gates belt tension "Cricket" tool
-SAE wrenches and sockets (for the Photoman bracket's hardware)
-Bench vise

-Locktite (supplied in the Photoman kit!)
-Brake parks cleaner for degreasing
-Paper Towels
-Dielectric grease for battery terminals
-A bit of ATF to lube tensioner screw threads

Basic Order of Operations
Phase 1: Prepare your workspace

-Disconnect and remove battery and battery tray (10mm on bracket, 12mm on tray. I have military terminals on my battery, so 1/2" and 9/16" were needed)
-Disconnect the overflow hose at the top center of the radiator with pliers to get more working room
-Remove oil filter
-Disconnect coil-to-cap wire
-Disconnect a few random annoying ground wires that go from the manifold to the body
-Unbolt the power steering reservoir (12mm bolts) and move the reservoir out of the way. You do not need to REMOVE the reservoir)

Starting point. Not exactly easy access.

Battery Out


Pulling the battery tray


(PS reservoir pulled aside and coil wire disconnected)

Phase 2: Remove old alternator
-Loosen tensioner lock bolt (12mm)
-Loosen top pivot bolt (14mm)
-Remove 3 wire connector from rear of alternator
-Remove field connector (10mm nut under boot)
-Loosen tensioner bolt (12mm) all the way in
-Take belts off
-Remove bracket (12mm bolts x2 and 12mm nut x 1)
-At this point, the alternator is suspended from the top, so a helper is useful to finish backing the bolt out while you catch the alternator. A bit of twisting and pirouetting towards the back should free it. Remove it and set it aside.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 8.11.58 PM.png

More to follow in additional posts due to 5 attachment limit.


Link to Part 2
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