100 Series Nav. Purchase?

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Nov 30, 2003
I bought this past weekend a '99 LC. Having previously driver a '90 4Runner and a '94 4Runner, and have had a '95 Tacoma driven by a family member, I am very familiar with those vehicles.

But the navigation system in the '01 Cruiser is new to me as I hadn't previously paid attention to the trends in the build of the model.

What has been the general consensus on this new techno gadget?

And could a new unit be purchased (where?) and installed in a '99 LC? What would be the wiring experience needed for such a retrofit?
WHAT? You bought a LC without asking this forum if the price was right? No pictures?

What are you, some kind of indepedent loner or something?

Just kidding :flipoff2:

Congrats and welcome.

Sorry, I don't know anything about those new fangled nav systems. Got me an archaic '96, but you came to the right place...

[quote author=landandsea link=board=2;threadid=8281;start=msg69992#msg69992 date=1070339314]
You bought a LC without asking this forum if the price was right?[/quote]

Thank you. We need more people in this world who can make decisions on their own.

Pardon me if you have already, but have you considered any of the aftermarket models: Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion, etc...?

My Toyota(not a cruiser) has a factory navigation system. There are things I like about it, but there are things I like better about the aftermarket Pioneer system in my sister's.

I guess if you are after the factory look, I guess there's only one way to go.

Good luck!

Looked into this when I bought the 99. If you compare the wiring manauls for the two years, then I think the task is not worth it for the $'s it is going to take. More than just the head unit needs to be replaced. Also, I don't think the wiring in the 99 is there to support the unit.
Retro-fitting the OEM nav system would be cost-prohibitive.

The head unit alone is $6,483.09

And no, I did not make that up...........

83910-26020, list $228.35
Radio shack sells a little digital clock with an alarm for like $20 bucks max. I double sided taped one on the dash of my 60 (the 60 didn't have a clock).

OEM is good but $228 hurts.

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