05 Tundra 4.7 P0171 P0174 codes

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Dec 24, 2015
New Orleans
Hey all, my father tundra been having the pesky P0171 P0174 codes for awhile. I saw it last month when I used it to pick up some yard stuff from Home Depot. I’ve been doing some research and there could be many things that can contribute to this code. So far, I cleaned the throttle body, checked the vacuum hoses, cleaned MAF, replaced both O2 sensors by the cat, and spray carb cleaner by the vacuum hoses. Has anyone solve this mystery? Next thing that I’m thinking about is checking the fuel pressure. There’s a fuel filter that seems easy to replace which I might do. Also, where are you buying Toyota parts online? I’ve searched but didn’t see any online sites that shows the vacuum hoses. I didn’t see the fuel filter available either. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Never mind on the fuel filter. It’s changed on the 05 model. It’s located I’m the fuel tank.

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