04 Z71with a 4L60, doesn't shift out of 1st gear. (1 Viewer)

Oct 29, 2014
I have a 2004 Z71 Tahoe with a 5.3 and a 4L60E. My wife took it to the store and when she went to leave, it wouldn't shift out of first gear. There are no warning lights on, the fluid level is good and the speedo still works fine. There was no issues with this vehicle prior to this happening.
I have only had this problem once before but it was with a 4L80E and it was an easy fix by cleaning off the speed sensor located on the top side of the case.
Does this happen with the 4L60E's as well or what else could it be?
May 3, 2009
It sounds like you've found your problem. Sudden changes in function like that (while parked) are usually because something got disconnected or lost continuity. When was the last time you changed fluid and filter on the trans? Check all the vacuum & electrical connections and try again. Make certain the shift linkage is still connected correctly

Unfortunately my tranny genius guy moved to another state so I can't give him a call about your problem. Sorry I can't be more help.

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