windshield wipers

  1. Gatman

    Newbie needing help! Wiper motor wiring conversion

    Hi everyone, So I bought my first Cruiser, she's a 1983 60-Series and for the first week, the windshield wipers worked fine. Long story short the white nylon gear broke internally in my factory wiper motor rendering it useless and fortunately I was able to locate and purchase a used replacement...
  2. brhydock

    Fj60 windshield wiper issues

    Ih8mud Hey cruiserheads, I’m looking for some free advice. I’ve got a ‘85 fj60 and the other day my windshield wipers started making a strange sound on the downstroke, like there were small bits of something bouncing around behind my dashboard. Then the next day my wipers stopped working...
  3. S

    IPF Windshield wiper stand-offs - where to get them?

    For the life of me I cannot find a single thing on the whole darn internet about these things, and as far as I can tell, I would call them "windshield wiper stand-offs", and they would be wonderful to have in snowy, cold Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I live to keep the wipers off the...
  4. Baja73

    Wanted  1973 FJ40 Winshield Wiper Link

    i am looking for a 1973 FJ40 windshield wiper link. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one? Thank you very much.
  5. sacfj60

    Turn signals and wiper gaskets

    What's the best way to replace the old headlight, signal and wiper gaskets? Are there sets available ?
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