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  1. socaloffroad

    For Sale  1965 vent windows

    these were extra windows from a 65 I owned a while back, not sure if they are the correct year asking 40 obo 858-361-3990
  2. c2dfj45

    45LV front vent window glass.....anyone need some?

    I'm going to have a few 45LV vent window glass pieces made for my LV(mine were damaged by careless grinding that was done on the truck when the roof was getting done) I need to have pieces cut, drilled(for the vent window latch) and then tempered. Figured if anyone needed some, might as...
  3. Captn Conch

    Early 40 vent window adjuster plug..Unreal...

    So what do you do, when you try to remove the 47 year old plastic VWAHP (vent window adjuster hole plug) and it shatters? Yes they do not come out, they disintegrate. I mentioned this to my buddy Sggoat Gary the other day while we were messing around with my 40. He said do you have the old...
  4. jakedwilson

    For Sale  Misc. FJ40 Parts FREE (Salem)

    I have a bunch of random FJ40 parts, some aftermarket and some original. These were removed from a 72. Free to whoever wants them. Please email or text me. Would rather not ship. Thanks, 503-913-1141 Weatherstripping tail light housings body mounts window vent door...
  5. 1

    Water Leak -- Appears to be through C-Pillar (behind rear seat)

    Help! I have water in the cabin floor along side the left rear seat. It appears to be running down the C pillar and dumping out just before the interior step pad next to the rear seat. The water is then running down along the door jamb to the driver's seat. Water is no longer coming in...
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