valve cover

  1. I

    Difficulty removing valve cover

    I have a 1.5F engine with a valve cover I've been trying to remove, but I'm having a lot of difficulty. I removed the 4 bolts on top and I was able to get underneath it in all of the areas I could reach gently using a box cutter and putty knives. I'm not sure if the valve cover has ever been...
  2. mrjordann

    valve cover gasket too small?

    5/73 f engine. Machine shop gave me this gasket that's way too short. [1st pic] We ordered one (unaware that the machine shop already had) and this one seems to fit. 2nd pic shows the short gasket laid over the long one. Anybody know what's going on? Did I get an F.5 or 2F gasket from the...
  3. Chachi254

    There are two ventilation ports on the valve cover, a PCV port and ????

    What is the other port/hose on the top of the valve cover that routes to the intake? I have been experiencing a TON of smoke upon acceleration from stop after long drives without stopping. I have an oil-catch device between the PCV and the PCV port on the TB but there's no oil being collected...
  4. hazard

    Wanted 1FZ FE valve cover, cam gears and sprocket

    anyone have a valve cover, a set of cam gears and cam sprocket they don't need, or a completely trashed engine with these parts intact? Want them for some expirementing so I will likely be trashing them. Thanks
  5. Matt1260

    Wanted Pre-1975 valve cover nuts

    I'm looking for at least one of these. Knowing how expensive they can be I may try to weld the holes shut on the three I have.
  6. Mattyboy

    Valve Cover gasket repair.

    I am going to attempt to either repair this myself this weekend, or pay to have it done:( I am afraid that i will break something, or it will go wrong and then I have my truck stuck in the garage at work. That will be bad come Monday. I have the o ring for the Distributor and a gasket with...
  7. 450LX

    Valve cover plug seal scoring...

    Im on the process of replacing the valve cover spark plug seals and I noticed I have scored the seal surface in a few areas. Should I be concerned? I forgot to take a picture before I dropped it off at the machine shop to get cleaned (im doing a head gasket) . I was thinking maybe a thin rtv...
  8. fj40toycruiser

    For Sale 1HZ Oil Pan to Valve Cover NH

    I have a 1HZ oil pan to valve cover engine core I purchased 4 years ago with the intent to rebuild. Reality has caught up to me and I now realize I have too many other priorities. I can assist with shipping but the details and cost needs to handled by the buyer. I had it shipped from TN to NH...
  9. Snowbound

    Valve cover - paint or powder coat?

    Just getting some parts powder coated and wondered about the valve cover. Mine is a 69 F motor so the valve cover is black, or was once. Is powder coat a good idea? And should I do inside and outside or just outside? I have googled it and found some folk saying it can peel off the inside and...
  10. Tighe

    Help diagnosing new oil leaks...

    Hey all, Quick question regarding some new oil leaks. I changed my oil last week and now am noticing some leaks through the valve cover gasket, as well as the gaskets between the carb and the air cleaner housing, and between the carb and the intake manifold. I’m pretty sure I used conventional...
  11. Casey E

    For Sale 2F Valve Cover

    Title says it all. $50 plus shipping.
  12. thecrazygreek

    Wanted Valve cover nuts for 73 1f.

    Old and dirty ok.
  13. graham5david

    For Sale f engine valve cover

    $30 plus shipping
  14. M

    For Sale 3fe valve cover for sale

    3fe valve cover in good condition for sale $40
  15. D

    1996 Valve cover gasket & pics

    So my radiator starting leaking, and my valve cover gasket needed replacing, so one thing let to another. I'm doing lots of stuff (water pump, belts, thermostat, heater valve, hoses, etc.) but I thought I'd post some pics and a few lessons-learned. Here is the engine before starting any work...
  16. sean2202

    broken valve cover bolts

    Well I was in the midst of changing my leaking valve cover gasket when two of the bottom bots twisted off very easily. I have started soaking in p-b blaster. What are peoples thoughts are there any stud extractors that might work or should I try vice grips? Heat or not to heat? The last thing I...
  17. grizzlygibbs

    My overdue PM journey. Picture heavy.

    I have been accumulating boxes and boxes of parts I have accumulated the last year and a half from Dan and Onur that I am finally getting around to installing, along with doing some other cleaning up and refreshening to the old Mountain Goat. The game plan: New fuel filter, new fuel sock, new...
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