1. Zman17

    1984 fj60 spring over fuel injected v8

    The Time has come to sell my 1984 fj60 this truck has been my daily driver and it has 17,300 miles on the v8 since it was swapped and only 4,000 miles on the new 700r4 trans. Truck was sold new in Texas then went to Colorado where I bought the truck and kept it there for a while then shipped to...
  2. hogape2

    For Sale ***sold*** 1988 fj62 eastern nc v8 swap

    88 fj62 v8 swap 5.3 chevy vortec, 4L60e trans, thumpr cam, headers, true duals, flowmaster mufflers, ome heavy suspension, front winch bumper with engo 9000# winch. truck has 263k miles, engine swap / suspension / winch bumper done summer 2017 engine was rebuilt at swap and has 21k miles...
  3. Broc2C

    V8 Swap: What am I up against ?

    I purchased a '72 fj40 a few weeks ago and was in the process of putting life back into it (a classic barn find, if you will) when a serious knock developed: spun bearings for sure. The current engine is an early F (not original) and had been "re-manufactured" as evident from a tag on the block...
  4. hogape2

    FREE delete

  5. Devon

    383 Chevy FJ45

    Hi all new to this Forum Anyway I am currently in the process of rebuilding my FJ45 which has a longer tray than today's Land cruisers Anyway It had as follows 1974 F motor H41 4 speed 4.11 Gears 33 inch tyres It now has 383 Chevy V8 Rebuilt H41 4 speed Orion TC with lower low ranger gears...
  6. F

    1973 FJ40 For Sale Grand Rapids

    Selling my 73 FJ40. Brought to MI from Utah, solid good running and driving 350 with SM465. Great for restoring or off road as is. Lots of original parts, jump seats in back, hard top and doors, bikini top. $10800.
  7. Alexh85

    Builds 1978 BJ40 Restoration

    I bought a 1978 40 series land cruiser that I am going to restore. It has a B engine. So it will probably end up with a V8 I started by getting the axles sand blasted and painted, replaced all the bearings. And bought new 2" lift leaf springs, shocks, steering arms, brake cylinders and brake...
  8. RexTreks

    Builds '94 Re-Power | GM 5.3 Vortec L59 - Build Tracker

    Hey all I've had my cruiser for a couple years now and it's served me well on many adventures, but at the miles creep up, my quest for power drives ever onward. Now in my possession is a zero-mile '04 GM 5.3 L59 that I intend to have carry me throughout the forests and hills; getting there is...
  9. B

    Large drop in fuel economy after extras fitted (100 series V8 year 2000)

    Hi All I am new here, just trying to figure something out and wondering if anyone can help. I have recently had some attachments put on my cruiser (100 series V8 year 2000) these include bull bar, dual battery system, aux fuel tank, roof rack and snorkel. I know that my fuel economy would drop...
  10. B

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 For Sale

    Up for sale is my 1976 FJ40. Truck is a roller as the rear Tub is pulled off (rust issues). I have the front clip/bib/fenders/quarters/grill/all lights. All this FJ needs is a tub and a bit of welding on the cowl. I had planned on just getting a full tub but have no space to keep it while...
  11. K

    Frame Reinforcement for 350+ HP V8?

    Hey guys, I searched around the internet for awhile and was unable to get a clear answere. Is it necessary to weld reinforcement plates anywhere on the frame to hand a V8 with 350+ horsepower conversion and not tear the frame up? Thanks!
  12. F

    Wanted Wanted - FJ80 - Atlanta, GA

    Live in Atlanta, GA. Looking for a FJ80, FZJ80 or the Lexus versions anywhere close by. Own a '88 FJ62 right now and am looking for something with more power. That being said I would prefer a rig with an upgraded engine. However, would absolutely still consider anything that looks nice with low...
  13. L

    For Sale 1979 fj40 for sale in Colorado. V8 hard top

    Hey everyone. New here and looking to part with my 1979 fj40 land cruiser. Original blue paint interior has everything (dash pad rear heater jump seats in great condition.) front seats are pretty torn and there's rust In the usual, late 70s early 80s 40 series, places. Drives floor pan rust is...
  14. L

    For Sale 2UZ-FE non-vvti '02 land cruiser $900

    Selling the 2uz-fe out of my 2002 land cruiser. runs great. I've put about 3k miles on it generally got 12-13mpg around town and 15mpg hauling a small trailer, all highway to Canada twice. the LC has 330k but I was told the engine had 145k on it when I bought it. Doing a Mercedes diesel...
  15. HDJdreams

    EZ LS 5.3 Torque tune/build tips???

    Wow, the V8 Swap thread up to almost 1000 posts! My 80 needs more motivation! I am eagerly awaiting the bolt-on turbo kit, but a few things really nag me: First is the limited ratio spread of the A343 (I am 3 hours from Moab, but have to drive on 80 mph freeways to get there - do I pick...
  16. G

    What to look for in V8 FJ62 for sale

    Hey everybody, been in the 80 series tech forum a bit trying to get opinions on a few 80's for sale and joining the Land Cruiser club. I've been scrolling for months and just haven't seemed to find the perfect match yet so I've broadened my horizons into the 60's series. (I'm a bigger fan of the...
  17. PadreCruiser

    Another SBC TBI Problem Thread

    First of all, let me apologize because I am not a mechanic and I have a lot of information to convey so I hope it makes sense. Problem: My car is a 1968 FJ40 with a Chevy 350 TBI swap. It starts and runs but it overheats and once it is warm (not overheated) it backfires through the intake...
  18. B

    Builds LS1 5.7L BJ73 6 MONTH BUILD

    Hello Guys, new to the forum and thought would be a great place to get some feed back and ideas about the build. CURRENT VEHICLE: 1985 BJ73 LANDCRUISER CURRENT MODS: LS1 5.7L ENGINE CONVERSION CONVERSION DONE USING MARKS 4WD ADAPTORS 2" BODY LIFT 2" SUSPENSION LIFT 33" MUD TIRES ARB BUILT IN...
  19. MBurroughs

    1985 FJ60 -> 6.0 Liter LS Swap Build Thread

    Hey Guys. Some of you may remember or be familiar with my FJ62 that I picked up just over two years ago. I picked it up as a stock truck, and really enjoyed turning it into something of my own. We had some ups and downs, with it getting stolen last spring... It was recovered, but missing a...
  20. 0

    My 2007 V8 4Runner

    2007 V8 Sport Edition As It Sits Today... On Top of Pike's Peak Loveland Pass Chicago Salt Mods Interior - Kenwood DDX 712 - JL Audio Front Components - JL Audio Rear Coaxials - 12" Alpine Type R - Hard Wired Escort 9500i - Scan Gauge II - Front 20% Rear 5% Tint Exterior - ARB...
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