1. afnos

    Venturi Ass'y Leak

    Been lurking for a while on the 2LTE issues, but finally have one of my own. It's not overheating or head cracking, thank goodness. I was accelerating from an intersection and halfway through heard a sudden, loud escape of air that sounded like a serious tire puncture. I pulled over immediately...
  2. tacupra

    2JZ into 2001 4X4 Tacoma Build

    In brief this is a 2JZ-GTE into a 4x4 Tacoma. WARNING: Image and GIF heavy. This is mostly a copy of my thread in Supraforums, but will try to dig for more content when I find time. Some things will be old, but as a TLDR I have already completed the 2JZ swap with 4x4, AC, and cruise control. My...
  3. G

    1hdfte/ct20b/ct26small rebuild and/or hybridize for 1hdt

    I am moving this into its own thread to consolidate and hopefully get more advice.... Hi, looking for a mild low budget upgrade for my 1hdt I decided to go with the 17204-170401hdfte turbo. Picked up one cheap on gumtree. Had a damaged compressor wheel, but otherwise it is in great shape (no...
  4. C

    Compression test for 1HD-FT in UK

    I'd like to have my 1HD-FT engine tested when I have it shipped back from Cape Town to the UK in the next few weeks, as I'm looking to sell it. There's a little black smoke but nothing crazy. It's done about 190k miles. Can anyone suggest somewhere in the UK where I could get it compression...
  5. M

    For Sale 1991 Toyota LITEACE RHD Diesel 4x4 Vanlife RHD

    1991 Toyota LITEACE RHD Import JDM Texas Vanlife Glamping $7995.95 4WD 4×4 Selectable Hi/Low Transfer Case Turbo Diesel, Locking Front Wheel Hubs Everything works, Cold AC. Clear Texas Title. 195,000 Kilometers which is 121,000 Miles. We are conveniently located at 230 W Davis St in Luling...
  6. HDJdreams

    2.5, 2.75, or 3” Exhaust for new 95-97 Wit’s End Turbo?

    The exhaust on my 97 is shot. Especially where the pipe goes over the crossmember by the rear axle, that has pounded itself almost flat after the exhaust mounts wore out. (Mounts have been repaired) When @NLXTACY turbo arrives :clap:, I will need a new exhaust. I was hoping to use @OTRAMM SS...
  7. B

    1985 Toyota Pickup DLX Turbo - 2LT - Restoration Project

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, and I'm new to the forum. Been lurking and reading for a long time, but finally decided to post. A little about me, my daily driver is a 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5. I live on a gnarly mountain road, and this billygoat gets me around no matter what the weather...
  8. nck9

    Wanted Toyota CT26 Turbo

    Anyone have a good buildable core for a 1HDT?
  9. jason fischman

    For Sale or trade '89 HJ61 Turbo Seats Front & Rear (Brn & Tan)

    I have 1989 Brown and Tan HJ61 Turbo Seats. I am looking for the original GX rear bench and matching front seats. Will sell or trade.
  10. Classic85

    For Sale Oil Catch Can - stainless (Illinois)

    For sale; Oil catch can built for HDJ80R 1HD-T 4.2 L turbo diesel I6 and HZJ80R 1HZ 4.2 L diesel I6 A must if your going to cool down the turbo with a intercooler. Condition is 9/10 *SOLD*
  11. CarterB

    For Sale Toyota Hilux 4x4 diesel

    Ready to go anywhere and turn heads everywhere!!! Hand picked it while down unda and had some fun flogging endless stretches of beach dunes and even toted my 2 year old with me the whole time camping:p It hasn’t missed a beat and has been a total blast! Pics should do most of the talking but...
  12. SilverSixty

    For Sale 1993 GMC Typhoon CT

    1993 GMC Typhoon #1278 for sale all original with 118,392 has a clean Carfax and clean tittle. Interior is in very nice shape. No cracks in the dash or tears to interior, headliner is clean and not sagging. The exterior has original paint(will pollish up pretty nice) , original rims and all...
  13. T

    How much boost are you pushing with your 1hdt's CT26?

    I'm asking specifically about 1hdts with the ct26 turbo. I'm currently running conservative at 11-12psi, but I'm in the process of getting a 3" exhaust and intercooler. I'm curious how much boost others are getting out of theirs,with or without modification, while still keeping egt's in check...
  14. Sweatyforehead

    Theseus build

    Its still the same Land Cruiser! Right? Guys? Making this thread because I cant find my old one and this way is easier to make a recap on work done on this HJ60 Im now calling Theseus 1987 Diesel HJ60 Currently sitting happy at 693,000km -stock gearing (4.56) -rebuilt birfields -33x12.50R15...
  15. T

    For Sale 1987 Turbo Xtra Cab 4x4

    Very clean 1987 turbo pickup 22re-t with 184***miles R151F trans New alternator New Water Pump New Tires Rebuilt Turbo Runs and drives like a champ $7500 Sacramento, CA United States
  16. M

    Loss of power in my LJ78 (2LTE), possible turbo issue??

    Hey again, in my urrent string of mild repairs i took the cruiser out for a drive. No issue leaving home but i noticed a significant loss in power a couple minutes later. I was only able to get to about 30KPH on a mild uphill. Im thinking its the wastegate on the trubo stuck open, but i also had...
  17. B

    1hz Head bolts

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the part number for ARP headstuds or where i can get headstuds for a 1hz. Going to be running 30psi plus and want the head to stay on. Thanks!
  18. O

    Did my turbo die?!

    Hi, This morning when I fired up my 80 series, I had the TBELT and the ENGINE OIL lights on. Checked the oil level and I barely had a tiny bit of oil on the edge of the dip stick. No leaking underneath or around the engine but I did find some oil like junk below and around the manual boost...
  19. SoCal FZJ80

    I Wanted to gauge interest in a Intercooler upgrade kit for the 12H-T that is in the HJ61.

    The HJ61 with the 12H-T does not come with an intercooler from the factory. We were going to build one fr our HJ61VX. If you are interested in a intercooler to upgrade your HJ61, Please post up. If there is enough interest we may turn it into a kit. Thanks!
  20. SoCal FZJ80

    Feeler for Aftermarket upgrade Turbo for 12H-T Diesel in HJ61

    I Wanted to gauge interest in a Turbo upgrade kit for the 12H-t that is in the HJ61. Let me know if this is a product you would like to see developed. We were going to work on it for our HJ61, and if there is enough interest build a kit. Thanks!
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