1. shermantank55

    For Sale  Georgetown (Austin) TX-1994 KZJ71G Prado--This go-anywhere diesel Land Cruiser Prado is ready for adventure!

    KZJ71G "KITSU" $25,500 Refreshed, running great and set up for overland and adventure travel. We named it Kitsu, short for Fox (Kitsune) in Japanese, it’s easy and fun to drive. Imported in 2020 from Japan, it is in excellent condition and currently titled and registered in Texas. We have...
  2. Landbender

    Turbo LT IFS 80

    Apparently my truck is no longer an 80 series so I was told to go elsewhere Here is the breakdown 80 series body and vin number Basic 2jz ge NAT on standalone (ecumaster) enough to spin 37s and kill the clutch on a weekend 350tq + NOS R150f trans Dual r1fa t cases with marlin crawler chromoly...
  3. 1

    For Sale  Arizona: 1983/ Toyota / BJ60

    -Factory diesel -Added turbo -Approximately 220,000 miles -ARB bumper with winch -New BFG Baja tires -Great condition, no rust and runs good Price : $35,000 Please email - craigkpotts@yahoo.
  4. cool Bob

    For Sale  1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 - Mint Condition

    Hi All, Putting feelers out for my beautiful 1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 with 119K miles. Some of you may have seen this truck on BaT - it did not sell there as reserve wasn't met, but I ended up coming to an agreement privately with the seller. It's all original - graphics, paint, interior - and...
  5. foresteez

    Turbocharging a 73 1F motor in FJ40. Should I do it?

    I have a 1971 FJ40 with a 73 1F engine in it. I’m just curious would it be possible to turbocharge that I6? Let me know of your opinion on it. If I did do it it would be all custom fab so any ideas would be great.
  6. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  96 Lx450 Turbo

    Helping a buddy of mine find his lx another home. $28k He’s moving into a 200. From the CL post. 1996 Lexus lx450 fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: automatic Located in Richmond KY. Travel to Denver 1996 lx450 with wits end turbo kit. 100% rust free. Triple locked. Chassis has...
  7. M

    For Sale  1968 FJ40 w/12-HT Diesel and H55F

    1968 Toyota FJ40 Toyota 12-HT Turbo Diesel and H55F 5 speed manual transmission. I bought this FJ 8 years ago with the original 6 cylinder gas engine and 3 speed transmission. Over the years I have continued to make improvements to all aspects of the car (see full list of details below). All the...
  8. akshimassar

    Snorkel howling sound

    I recently got snorkel installed on my Land Cruiser 100 (turbo diesel) and wonder if any of you had the same issue. Starting from 2k RPM especially during intense acceleration snorkel produced howling sound. About the same RPM as turbo engages. At 3k RPM it became louder than engine sound and...
  9. Elessey

    Wanted  Los Angeles, CA: 80 Series "TOYOTA" Turbo grille for HDJ81

    Hey gang, hoping this is the right place to post but my new '92 HDJ81 is on the way and I'm looking for a replacement grille. Attached is what I had in mind. I believe the part number is 53111-60100. Anybody have one? Cheers
  10. Sykoslug

    SOLD  Las Vegas NV: 1983 BJ/FJ 60

    Updated *PRICE: $16,000 (mud price) orig 18k 1983 BJ/FJ60 383,xxx miles. Link to Google photos album: 1983 BJ 60 for sale Click for Carfax. VIN:JT3BJ60G9D0011997 Specs Engine: Toyota 3b - 3.4l IDI Diesel -4Cyl, (installed 4/2020 engine miles unknown - compression #1-395, #2-420, #3-420...
  11. davegonz

    SOLD  Austin, TX: 1HZ-T Diesel Powered 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser

    I am selling my ultra cool 1HZ-T powered 1987 FJ60 because my buddy is selling sweet 80 diesel and I want it. Highlights: 1HZ engine out of a low miles 1990 HZJ73. This engine is still produced by Toyota and parts are easily available. H55F five speed with new seals. New Toyota boost...
  12. B

    For Sale  PRICE DROP Turbo Diesel 80 Series 79k Miles!

    79k miles. Runs great, clean, right hand drive, beautiful 80 series. Engine is spotless. $16,500 firm https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022690652.html
  13. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE Boost Cut fix

    Fuel Cut Defencer | ELECTRONICS | PRODUCT | HKS This is a voltage clamp for a MAP sensor. You wire it into your map sensor, work out the voltage of the signal just before 14psi and the clamp will prevent the signal from increasing. Therefor you can run as much boost as you like without the...
  14. B

    For Sale  Portland: '93 Turbo Diesel 80

    Craigs: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022695712.html
  15. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE LJ78 Holset Turbo conversion, easy upgrade.

    Allright guys, Over this past year I have been reading up on this forum for different tips and tricks to gain extra power out of the 2LTE and thought i would share my experience, as I haven't seen it been done on any of these related forums. I obtained the truck in February, and in the saddest...
  16. afnos

    Venturi Ass'y Leak

    Been lurking for a while on the 2LTE issues, but finally have one of my own. It's not overheating or head cracking, thank goodness. I was accelerating from an intersection and halfway through heard a sudden, loud escape of air that sounded like a serious tire puncture. I pulled over immediately...
  17. tacupra

    Builds  2JZ into 2001 4X4 Tacoma Build

    In brief this is a 2JZ-GTE into a 4x4 Tacoma. WARNING: Image and GIF heavy. This is mostly a copy of my thread in Supraforums, but will try to dig for more content when I find time. Some things will be old, but as a TLDR I have already completed the 2JZ swap with 4x4, AC, and cruise control. My...
  18. G

    1hdfte/ct20b/ct26small rebuild and/or hybridize for 1hdt

    I am moving this into its own thread to consolidate and hopefully get more advice.... Hi, looking for a mild low budget upgrade for my 1hdt I decided to go with the 17204-170401hdfte turbo. Picked up one cheap on gumtree. Had a damaged compressor wheel, but otherwise it is in great shape (no...
  19. Landbender

    Builds  SupraCruza

    Goal started out as building a supra kart mk3 but it was a turd on wheels, but it had a motor and trans that were in decent condition. After selling the Supra and it’s trans it was decided that the 2j should go in a land cruiser 80 after much thought about putting it in a 4runner first gen. The...
  20. Col Monty

    Compression test for 1HD-FT in UK

    I'd like to have my 1HD-FT engine tested when I have it shipped back from Cape Town to the UK in the next few weeks, as I'm looking to sell it. There's a little black smoke but nothing crazy. It's done about 190k miles. Can anyone suggest somewhere in the UK where I could get it compression...
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