1. Slashzero

    For Sale TJM Winch Tray, never used

    Hello, I have a TJM Winch Tray (957MTT1581C) for sale. This can be used to do a hidden winch mod on an OEM bumper, which was my original plan. I don’t think I will ever do the hidden winch install on my 2003 LC, plus I just went in on the Metaltech 4x4 group buy so looking to get some money...
  2. CloudCity

    Wanted Found, Thank You. LX 470 plastic under-engine cover (Portland, OR)

    Update: No longer needed, thank you. Hi folks, I noticed that my newly-acquired LX is missing the plastic underside "engine cover" so I am looking to replace it if anyone here has one for sale or can suggest a good place to pick one up. Used is fine, cheap new works too. I also need the...
  3. sunrk

    Source for round rubber grommet thing for battery box cable holes

    Can anyone tell me where to find these rubber grommet things for the circular openings in the Toyota battery trays? pic page Neither my main one (shown here) or the aux one which both have two of these holes appear to have come with the rubber grommets and I haven't seen a reference to them...
  4. Skitz

    Wanted FZJ80 Battery Tray

    Looking for a battery tray from a FZJ80... Thanks
  5. mobydick

    For Sale Battery Tray...........

    Brand New Battery Tray. $50 plus shipping.
  6. Catfish28

    For Sale 79 series truck bed tray

    I have a truck bed off of a 2015 79 series truck. New truck take off. Some minor handling marks. Great shape. I'm open to discussing shipping options. In Birmingham, Al. Can help with loading. It's probably a 3 person job, but I suppose 2 could do it if we really really want to. $1900.
  7. tstepp920

    Wanted FJ40 Ash Tray 1980

    WTB an Ash Tray for a 5/80 FJ40 . It will have the plastic face of the drawer like the photo. It doesn't have to be perfect. The face must be in great condition. I can have the rest rechromed Photo credit to Indygbd
  8. jmlockwood

    For Sale FJ60 battery tray

    I just installed a new stainless battery tray. My original tray is in great condition. The only thing I don't have is the hardware (hold down bolt, etc). These can be easily obtained at parts store. $40 obo.
  9. Dharma Dude

    GX470 specific dual battery tray

    I think this just became available from Off-Grid Engineering folks. The pictures shows a very clean install with the battery mounted on the passenger side of engine compartment. Wondering if anybody has experience with this company or the actual mount. 2003 - 2009 Lexus GX 470 Auxiliary...
  10. Sandroad

    For Sale Group 31 Battery Tray for a 100

    SOLD I have a group 31 battery tray/hold-down for the stock location in a 100 series Land Cruiser I no longer need. It was installed in my 100 until last year, when i reverted to a stock 27F battery and removed this larger group 31 tray/hold-down. It was made by MUD member shaggy101 and he sold...
  11. pdxlc200

    Slee Air Compressor Tray

    Thought I would comment on the fit and finish of the Slee ARB Compressor mount. I put on the single compressor and a Blue Sea 50 amp switch. Turned out pretty cool I think.
  12. shanester

    Simple dual battery setup

    Do you guys see anything wrong with this kit? HEAVY DUTY DUAL / AUXILIARY BATTERY ISOLATOR W/ CABLES - COMPLETE KIT! 150A | eBay My Slee dual battery tray has arrived and I'm wondering if this setup would work if I'm trying to keep it simple. I'll eventually be running an led bar, winch...
  13. Wes

    Wanted Tan Console Ashtray for BJ4x

    I am looking for the console ashtray in tan color as shown in the picture below. This would be for a BJ4x with the L Package.
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