1. 4xsteve

    MUDShip  Fort Worth > Atlanta > Memphis

    I have a ton of open space in my enclosed trailer if anyone needs something picked up or delivered between Fort Worth, TX., Atlanta, GA. and Memphis, TN. Thanksgiving week. Can fit a complete rig as long as it's not really tall, really wide or really heavy. Departing TX this Saturday, 17...
  2. 2001LC

    Transporter recommendation?

    I need a transporter recommendation. I'm looking into who'd be a good company to transport a none running 100 series 1,500 miles cross country. Who do you recommend? Any idea on what a fair fee?
  3. Aggie04

    MUDShip  Clemmons, NC to D/FW Needed

    In need of having a 100 series Land Cruiser transported from the Clemmons/Greensboro NC area to Dallas-Fort Worth. I'm on the Fort Worth side, but I can meet anywhere in the metroplex
  4. T

    MUDShip  Need a 2001 4Runner hauled from Austin, TX to Indianapolis, IN

    I need a 2001 4Runner shipped from Austin, TX to Indianapolis, IN. Not in a huge rush but would obviously prefer it sooner than later. Email for quickest response.
  5. jwbc84

    Reputable auto transport companies

    I just purchased a 2006 LC100 from a member here on mud and I can't wait to get it to CA. I am having the worst luck getting it shipped. Already had a two companies promise the world and then completely fail and never show up. Can anyone out there recommend a company? It will be shipping...
  6. medtro

    Transport company

    Need to ship my wrecked LX450 out of state. Please let me know if you know any reliable company for this.
  7. LadyRed

    MUDShip  Wanted transport from Portland OR to Lodi CA

    Hi there, I have 3 5 gallons of paint that I'm trying to purchase from Portland OR, is anybody headed down to CA anytime soon? Thanks!
  8. DoubleNickels

    MUDShip  WANTED: Vehicle Transport from Twin Falls, Idaho to Boise, Idaho

    Hey MUDShip, hoping someone (a vendor, an individual, anyone really) can help me out. I need to get (2) 1974 FJ55's from Twin Falls Idaho (83301) to Boise Idaho (83702), ideally sometime in the next couple weeks. The cars can roll but aren't currently running. Please let me know if anyone can...
  9. 78fj40mg

    MUDShip  From Paradise, CA to Seattle, Washington, Transport Roof Rack

    I need a roof rack transported from Paradise, CA to Seattle Washington, please let me know if you are making this trip any time soon or early next year, you will be compensated. The roof rack is 72" L x 54" W x 12" H and weighs about 100 pounds. Please respond to this thread or PM me. Thanks in...
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