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  1. K

    LC Mechanics in South Arizona (Sierra Vista, Tuscon area)

    Just moved to AZ from CO and trying to find a solid mechanic who knows Landcruisers well and won't overcharge work. Need to get my 1983 FJ60 outfitted with A/C. Just need someone who knows how to do the job and will do it well. I can provide all the parts. Any info you can share would be...
  2. Kourosh

    HELP with my new FJ25.

    Hi all, I came across a 1958 FJ25 two weeks ago I decided to buy the car. I have been been searching a lot to on the internet to know more about the car and the looks of it, until I came across this forum. The previous owner has added some things on the car which makes the car look like newer...
  3. Kai Ongaro

    Fixing Rear Bumper with after market one, is this worth it?

    Hey Guys I'm new here and just wondering if I could some opinions on my situation before I go through with this purchase. I recently received a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser from my dads friend in very good condition. The other day while I was picking up lunch an old man hit my back bumper 2 times...
  4. 80seriespoptop

    Razilla Fj55 2

    Razilla 2 is the second Fj55 build for "Gary's Restoration " From abandonment to full scale restoration Razilla 2 is finally out of ICU Follow our build on this classy swine to see how she becomes the fine pigelet she was promised to be Build start date November 17
  5. S

    AHC problems - 100 series in FIJI

    Hi Everyone, Apologies if this has been covered before... but ive been through what feels like all of the previous AHC stuff but still no luck :( anyways we have a 100 series in our fleet that was an absolute workhorse for us. Very few AHC model 100 series have come into Fiji and it was...
  6. Sheadon

    Cut off center cooling console

    Has anyone cut off the airflow to the center cooling console? Will it affect the main A/C components for the dash to work properly? For example, will it affect the compressor? My compressor is dead and before I buy a new one I want to make sure it's ok that the cooling console has been...
  7. S

    For Sale  1996 Land Cruiser

    I'm the second owner. Non smoker. Vehicle has been in a garage for its whole life. Had the engine rebuilt at 200k miles. Totally redid the air conditioning last year. A few weeks ago, the engine started running a little strange so I changed the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor but no change...
  8. W

    For Sale  1999 Toyota Landcruiser 107K miles

    Hello all, I am putting my Landcruiser up for sale. It has low miles at 107K and is all original and unmodified. It has had the 90K mile service completed, as well as a new fan clutch, tires (Michelin) and shocks (KYB with lifetime warranty). I purchased the truck from a Toyota dealer here in...
  9. Sunnybrook

    1990 LJ73 Diesel

    I am thinking about buying a Land cruiser import and was wondering about diesel engine 4 cylinder and u
  10. S

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Landcruiser Owners Manual with Supplements

    I have a an original 1991 Landcruiser Owners Manual in good condition and it also includes a 1991 Owners Guide as well as 2 Owners Guide supplements. $40 picked up in San Clemente, California or shipped USPS Priority for an extra $6 with Paypal Gift payment. As you may already know, these...
  11. R

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 - 175K miles

    8K or best offer. Located in Charlotte, NC. Second owner - owned for two years and had an absolute blast with it. Moving on from it because of practicality reasons. Young father of four now, you know the drill. Runs well on the road, smooth and straight. Engine will likely need some check up...
  12. Proawesomedevin

    For Sale  99' Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series, Chicago IL

    Listing my Toyota Land cruiser for sale one more time. I am the 4th owner of this vehicle. Everything electrical works on the car, PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD BEFORE CONTACTING ME. Current mileage is 286898 and goes up 86 miles per day, factory diff lockers work, new brake lines. There are multiple...
  13. B

    For Sale  2002 Toyota Landcruiser 162k miles New Jersey

    being updated...
  14. G

    For Sale  2006 Toyota landcruiser 105 series FJZ105

    Up for sale 2006 TLC FJZ105, runs excellent, 134,000 km. LHD, front and rear diff locks, sub fuel tank, OEM winch, dual spare tires. Everything is factory original on the truck. Vin: JTECJ09J305512131 Truck is in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, I will ship it worldwide. Its one of the last years...
  15. N

    For Sale  1989 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser 3FE

    I'm in the U.S. in Redding, California ( Far Northern ) I am the second owner. Cruiser has about 225k miles ( speedometer and odometer stopped working so it reads 219k ) It's a 4 speed auto transmission that's working very well and smooth. Fuel Injected 3EFI engine Has some wear and tear...
  16. J

    For Sale  1996 LC Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80 179K for $7000

    Well. I never wanted to sell this, but I am going to have to do it. $7000.00 is the Price. I would prefer to be reached via text at 405-229-006Eight No Lockers. She has 179,000 Miles on her. I am the 2nd owner, and it was originally a Texas vehicle. A/C blows very cold and heater works...
  17. L

    For Sale  Toyota Landcruiser door seals

    HK/FJ door seals after market. Came out of Australia. 'Rate spares' New. Fits 69'- 88' see pic for clarification. I'm on Vancouver island. Ask is 250$ for pair. Leave number of serious. No endless emails. Won't disappoint. Bought for a project 45 series. Truck sold without.
  18. gomotomoto

    Some advice on a new (to me) 2008 Toyota Landcruiser

    Just picked up an 08'. Super happy with the purchase. It's bone stock and I've got some questions if anyone can chime in with anything helpful: Floor mats: Truck was sold to me without floor mats. I'd like to get a set of rubber mats. Does anyone have a good recommendation, or should I seek out...
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