1. S

    2001 LX470 TJM T-13 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed reading many of the threads already. I purchased my 2001 LX470 recently and really loving the ride. It has only 130k miles, never been off road and mechanically sound in every aspect. My desire is to over time build an overland rig to take around...
  2. T

    SOLD  Salt Lake City, UT 1996 FZJ80 37’s gears, air lockers

    1996 Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE straight 6 A343 Automatic transmission Full time 4wd 225k miles 37” Pro-Comp AT Sports tire warranty thru 4wp Front ARB Air locker Rear TJM Air locker 4.88:1 gear ratios F/R Full Float rear axle 2.5” OME suspension+1” spacer in front. Man-A-Fre radius arm caster...
  3. Slashzero

    For Sale  TJM Winch Tray, never used

    Hello, I have a TJM Winch Tray (957MTT1581C) for sale. This can be used to do a hidden winch mod on an OEM bumper, which was my original plan. I don’t think I will ever do the hidden winch install on my 2003 LC, plus I just went in on the Metaltech 4x4 group buy so looking to get some money...
  4. S

    For Sale  SOLD TJM T17 Winch bumper SOLD

    I'm planning a bumper build, this one has to go. I think its a T17. I may be willing to ship, you pay for shipping. Asking $350, open to offers. PM me and we can work something out. KC lights are included, if you want them. Located in East TN. Thanks for looking. BUMPER HAS BEEN SOLD
  5. bwell

    Louise gets a face lift 2008 LX570 TJM T13 Install

    Bamber's big sister jumped out in front of our 2008 LX570 returning home from Thanksgiving 10 miles from home. The doe was about 150 lbs, maybe 1 1/2 years old or so, not a large deer but she kissed the front bumper cover at about 45, I got slowed down from 55'ish mph and she darted right last...
  6. tampacruiser95

    SOLD  SOLD - 2007 GX470 Sport, Harrisburg, PA

    I am selling my GX470 Sport because I am buying a house and don't want the expenses of three cars. I bought the truck from Ohio and I don't think previous owners took care of it how I do based on undercarriage surface rust. The truck has 121XXX miles and I have spent more than 8K in maintenance...
  7. yonah

    TJM Polished Alloy Nudge Bar - any experience?

    I've got a set of IPF 930 driving lights that want to mount on my '11. I don't want to deal with added weight of a full bullbar at this point, so after surveying the market for simple driving lamp provisions it looks like a nudge bar is my best bet. I really like the look of the TJM Polished...
  8. J

    Looking for a TJM Tyre carrier for my TJM bumper.

    I have a 1999 Land Cruiser with a TJM RB8 rear bumper. I am looking for a TJM Tyre Carrier for that bumper. I know that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer but I am hoping that some kind soul on this forum may have one or know someone who is selling one. I have posted a picture of...
  9. J

    Looking for a TJM Tire carrier for a 1999 100 Series Land Cruiser.

    Hi All. I have a 1999 Land Cruiser with a TJM RB8 rear bumper. I am looking for a TJM Tyre Carrier for that bumper. I know that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer but I am hoping that some kind soul on this forum may have one or know someone who is selling one. Above is a picture of...
  10. SoCal FZJ80

    For Sale  New 200 Series Front TJM Lift coils - In Box

    Pair of TJM lift coils for 200 series Landcruiser - New in box. $100 plus the shipping. Just clearing out stock. Email me directly, I am not on Mud all the time.
  11. B

    For Sale  TJM Air Locker and Compressor (1st gen Tacoma)

    I am selling a brand new, in the box TJM Air Locker and Compressor. All hardware, switches, lines, and instructions included. I bought to put in my 01' Tacoma but am now selling the truck (you can buy the both!) Should fit any non-TRD rear axle for the first gen tacomas and 4runners. Asking...
  12. Markuson

    Builds  Bubba Goes Beast: (Slee Bumper, TJM, 35's & More!)

    This week, "Bubba" (named after my dog) goes full Beast mode after saving up for a pile of mods, and help from Slee Off-road!! Wooooooooo! (Woof?) :hillbilly: The local tire shop laughed when I drove off on 35's...rubbing like heck with my Tupperware bumpers still on (only way to get tires...
  13. AndersN

    For Sale  100 Series - TJM Pro-Locker - Front - SOLD

    SOLD Well, back in January I ordered a front TJM Pro-Locker when they went on sale and was hoping to find a rear. The original plan was to get it installed and track down a rear but plans have changed. I opened the box to make sure it was actually the correct locker and then I set it on my...
  14. livelarg

    TJM compressor water locked?

    Howdy all, I was in some pretty deep muddy water the other day. I turned on my rear lockers about halfway through. My rear locker didn't work. I checked all the wiring and I have power to the little compressor that actuates my locker. I took off the air connector, and a little water spit out...
  15. Get outside

    For Sale  100 series TJM Rear Locker - Brand new

    Hi guys, I bought this in February while the TJM sale was going on. I only got it out of the box after receiving it. Checked it out then put it back in box until I could install but a lot has happened between then and now! This is no longer going into my 100. I'm located in Nipomo CA, near...
  16. Beej

    For Sale  Castor correction bushings TJM Rubber for 80 series

    Hi - I've got a set of 4 rubber castor correction bushings for sale. Brand new from TJM. TJM castor correction by Beej posted Apr 14, 2017 at 1:58 PM $90 shipped CONUS -- Beej
  17. Markuson

    "Extinct" TJM T13 Captured!

    Contrary to the seemingly "extinct" status of new TJM T13 bumpers in the wild... ...I just drove home with this: :grinpimp::hillbilly::clap::steer: Yippeeeeeeee! Not only that...but I hear one of our venders is about to have stock ready to purchase...which means you won't have to...
  18. Ocho77

    craigslist  80 series TJM front bumper

    No affiliation. Thought someone may be interested. New In Box Land Cruiser Lexus LX450 80 Series FZJ80 TJM Winch Bumper
  19. Beej

    For Sale  TJM 2.5 in lift castor correction bushings

    Hey folks, This is a brand new set of four (4) castor correction bushings for a 50mm/2-ish inch lift on the 80 series. They are the rubber bushings as opposed to poly. Rubber provides better flex, so says mud. Purchased just a few months ago; went a different direction with the lift. TJM...
  20. PNWScooby

    For Sale  70 series TJM front Bumper; Portland,OR

    Trying to find a new home for this bumper. No room in the garage. Don't want to have to scrap it. Could be sweet after powdercoating. Has opening for a winch, mounting tabs for lights and turn signal slots (turn signals are included). I have some fresh TJM stickers for it too if you want...
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