throttle cable

  1. elkspresso

    Wanted: OEM throttle cable '93

    Struggling to find one (and feeling stupid about it); wits-end, yotashop - nothing. Want to use forum vendor - please assist!
  2. NSBG

    HOW TO: FZJ80 Throttle Cable Replacement

    I'm sure everyone knows how to do this, but i did not see any threads showing the steps; this might help a newbie prepare for the job. So, ever since i bought my LX, it's had a pretty excessive idle. After drives, when it went in park it would jump from 800 to about 1.5k RPM. When i put my foot...
  3. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FJ60/62 pedal channel 80-90

    looking for the circled pedal channel, trying to add a hand throttle to 60. They are the same on 60 and 62 from 1980-1990. Thank you Marc
  4. Chachi254

    Anyone purchased an aftermarket Accelerator Cable?

    Hello everyone! I’m in need of replacing my “accelerator cable” or throttle cable on my 96 LX450 as the gas pedal has developed a catch/sticky point. I’m wondering if anyone has: 1) Has anyone replaced theirs? 2) Has anyone replaced theirs with an aftermarket cable? 3) Would you recommend...
  5. Dixie Dingo

    Position of Throttle Body Cabling

    Greetings all, recently I posted, "Failure to Start" about my 97 FZJ80. I was debating if I should continue with that or start new. Well new it is so here we go. I recently took off the Throttle Body to perform a cleaning. I replaced the TP Sensor and IAC Valve. Just for background the IAC...
  6. thatcabledude

    SOLD  (FL) FZJ80 throttle cable, like new.

    Basically new, OEM throttle cable for FZJ80. $55 plus shipping from Florida (32433)
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