1. Dissent

    Need Part Number for LX Tailgate Trim Cladding Clip

    I have a broken clip retaining the body cladding on my LX tailgate. Does anyone know the part number for this clip?
  2. K

    For Sale  1989 FJ 62 upper and lower tailgate

    I have up for sale a very good condition upper and lower tailgate for a FJ60 or 62. No rust or dents. This was removed from Gary Waggoner's project vehicle that was featured on this forum. Has a custon storage area on the lower section. Paint is also in very good condition with some very small...
  3. drtyfun

    For Sale  Various fj55 parts for sale.

    I have a hood, rear tail gate, couple of doors,
  4. mechanist

    Tailgate bump stop? Little round rubber piece...

    I have no idea what this is called and couldn't find anything similar in search, Lowe's, HD, Autozone, Napa, or Oreilly. It's small. It's round. It's rubber. Does anyone know the part number for this little guy?
  5. TrekboxX

    New tailgate cover for the 80 series

    Hey guys. I'm working with the 100 series crew to do a run of tailgate covers. Since I'm also in the process of doing a drawer system for the 80, I figured we might as well do gate covers at the same time. Here is the original thread: Gauging interest in a new tailgate cover Here is the...
  6. Indygbd

    For Sale  Sold...FJ40/FJ45 swb oem fst tailgate

    This is a fj40/fj45 factory tailgate that is in excellent condition considering it's age. Original paint, no rust, great find. I'm asking $800.00 for it.
  7. JWhitley12

    Wanted  FJ62 Gray Tailgate Carpet/ Rear retractable seat belts

    This is my first classifieds wanted ad so if Im not supposed to ask for 2 parts in one post please forgive me. I am looking for a used tailgate carpet for my 88 FJ62..Doesnt have to be great, I can clean and dye it. It would be great if it had the cardboard backing with it. Also looking for a...
  8. Shes Mad

    For Sale  FJ 60 Hard to find washer bottle, tailgate handle, wiper bezels, seatbelt

    Raising money for more parts Washer bottle with pump. Pump checked out. $150 SOLD OEM Tailgate handle-light. Some surface rust inside, treated with rust kill. $175 Windshield wiper bezels. One has small cracks $40 Drivers seat belt in light gray. $40 SOLD Plus shipping
  9. R

    Will a '79 tailgate fit a '70 FJ40?

    I've been on the lookout for a drop down tailgate for my '70 FJ40, but those babies just don't seem to pop up on craigslist very often, and when they do...$$$$$. I found a nice looking gate from a '79, and I'm hoping it'll either fit or can be made to fit with a bit of hinge relocation work...

    Wits' End 200 Series Tailgate Lid and Shenanigans

    Well, I know there are others that are probably looking to make a tailgate lid for the 200 but I'm going to move forward on my vision for it since I walked away from doing it for the 80s. There are more than a few things to work out concerning making and installing a tailgate lid for the 200s...
  11. landscrambler

    Broken Screw in Rear Tailgate

    Ugh. I was advised to tighten my rear brackets in order for my tailgate to be tighter and rattle less. While tightening, the screw broke. :bang: I have no f**king idea what to do. I've tried to unscrewing with needle nose and I aint moving.
  12. D

    For Sale  NOS tailgate chain and hinge

    This was left in my stock: one single chain and one single hinge. Both 125 USD including worldwide shipping, each 65 including worldwide shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Patrick
  13. Awl_TEQ

    Awl_TEQ Metal Parts etc.

    Just setting up shop here again - several members have asked me to have everything in one place so I am building a bit of a catalogue here. How to reach me: Generally guys will post up here to express their interest, though it isn't necessary, and then start a conversation with me to work out...
  14. I

    For Sale  WagonGear tailgate storage lid, never installed

    I bought this lid from a Kevin back in 2010 for my 80, never got around to install it, didn't even unwrap it until today to take pictures. It is the one that has the textured lid, looks nice but have no use for it now. Paid $430. How does $325 sound (plus shipping)
  15. cbmontgo

    Wanted  FJ40 drop down tailgate hinges

    Looking for the three, as circled here:
  16. cppilot

    Wanted  Early FJ45 tailgate hinges

    Looking for a set of three early FJ45 LPB tailgate lower hinges for a friend. Any help would be appreciated. Please send me a pm if you have a set your willing to sell. Mark
  17. LXCRSR

    For Sale  New OEM FJ55 Tailgate Handle

    SOLD. I have a new OEM tailgate handle for sale. It has never been mounted. Sorry, but I do not have a gasket for it. Please PM me with your offer.
  18. LXCRSR

    For Sale  OEM Tailgate Gear

    SOLD. I am selling an FJ55 OEM tailgate gear. Asking $75 shipped. PM if interested.
  19. FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    Two prototype storage doors for the fj80/fzj80 tailgate. Refining the design, choosing hardware and finishes.
  20. winstonclein

    For Sale  80/100 Baertrax tailgate storage mod.

    SOLD! New Baertrax Tailgate Mod for 80/100 made out of aluminum. Never used or installed. It comes with hardware for installation provided by factory. Cost new $550 Asking $350+ shipment.
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