1. DannyThornberry

    T100 engine q’s

    I’ve had my 96 T100 in the driveway for a while now with a broken engine. I recently had my GX470 totaled, so I’ll be revisiting this project. I came into the possession of my grandpas 96 4Runner 2wd, would this engine be a direct swap? They both have the 3.4 V6 engine and just would like to...
  2. jedwin

    Wanted  TOYOTA T100 95-98 XTRA CAB 4X4 RUST FREE

    Im having my first kid, and as such I selling my 2011 tacoma AC to make room for a family car. However, I do need a truck and am going to take this opportunity to buy myself the truck I've always wanted as a 3rd car. So, I'm looking for a T100. Ive owned Tacomas, 4runners, and landcruisers...
  3. 91truck.jpeg


    My 91
  4. SBFJ60FIG

    Parting Out  T-100 Part out 5VZE auto, 4x4 SR5 - Chicago

    Whole truck - going to the boneyard soon - motor good, trans/x-fer good but gone, seats and console may be sold - most everything else here - won't really have time for little parts here and there to ship but if you want big stuff let me know. Feel free to call or text to 630-728-9684 or PM...
  5. Travelin2gether

    T100 Central America Surf Hunter

    My wife and I were living on Maui when we decided we were going to drive from California to Panama, so we were starting from scratch when our plane touched down in California. Luckily we had generous family that allowed us to occupy their spare rooms and garages. Step 1: Get way too excited...
  6. J

    T100 or land cruiser

    So I have been searching for a land cruiser for awhile to replace my T100 as my daily driver. I have a very tight budget due to being in college and I may be getting engaged soon. The T100 has 322k on it and is in need of new tie rod ends and new cv axles and maybe new ball joints soon. I have a...
  7. Travelin2gether

    New T100 to the Forum, Driving Through Central America

    Hi all. I have been driving my truck (1995, T100, 4x4) with homemade camper through Mexico and Central America for the past 9 months. My wife and I started in California and are now in Nicaragua. We plan to make it down to Panama and turn around in a few months. Then We'll be making our way...
  8. 003 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

    003 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

  9. 002 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

    002 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

  10. 001 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

    001 - Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mtn.

    Drove from Ocotillo Wells to Superstition Mountain with a friend in his 2017 4Runner. 4/2/2017
  11. bubfuji

    For Sale  1995 4Runner/T110 Brake Caliper/Rotor

    I have 1 front right (passenger) Brake caliper for a 1995 T100 or 1995 4Runner. The Caliper Casting is S13WB. This is also the caliper used for brake upgrades on the FJ60/62 cruisers. Caliper was Sand blasted, rebuilt, and painted I also have 1 T100 front rotor new. $45.00 for both pick up...
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