1. PetrichorGW

    For Sale  5 OEM FJ40 steelies with clips & BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 30X9.5R15

  2. mrjordann

    What tires are you guys running on stock 15" wheels?

    Hi. Discount Tire says they can't sell me 33's knowing that I'm putting them on an FJ40. Silly, considering I have 33s on it now. What tires sizes are you guys doing? Apparently BFGoodrich doesn't make any tires that are tall enough but also narrow enough for the 15x5.50 Toyota wheels, but I'm...
  3. Q

    Fj factory steel wheel lug nuts

    Anyone know the part number for oem lug nuts or black aftermarket that work with factory oem fj steelies?
  4. gkanai

    70 Series Toyota 42601-60611 steel wheel restoration

    I have a post in the Wheels & Tires forum that I'd love advice on for those who have restored steel wheels before. steel 16 inch wheel restoration Toyota 42601-60611
  5. gkanai

    steel 16 inch wheel restoration Toyota 42601-60600

    Hi everyone, I recently bid and won a set of used Toyota steel wheels which I believe were used on both the 70 and the 100 Series. Set of 4 here: Full photos from the seller here with one OEM photo (also not mine) Toyota 42601-60611 From what I can tell with the photos...
  6. David70FJ40

    Wanted  Steel Drivers and Passengers Doors, '68 - '73.

    Looking for two doors in reasonably good condition that will fit the '70 FJ40 I have. I am specifically looking for doors with the wind wings.
  7. Awk338

    Stock steel rims on 33x10.5x15

    Any one running these... BFG MK2 Thinking about pulling the trigger on them but discount tire won't mount them up. Thoughts?
  8. T

    For Sale  Steel 10"x15 resto mod wheels

    I have four 15x10 steel wheels for sale. Perfect for your 80'or 90's period correct Toyota build! These were top dawg when I was in high school! 6 on 5.5 lug pattern. 3.5" backspacing. Some rust that could be cleaned up, two center caps. Asking $100 obo for all 4. Text or call 3O8...2485...
  9. rc51kid

    using steel cable as winch line

    So i switched to synthetic line and had a bunch of good steel rope. I trimmed off about 40" that was in good shape, has the thimble on one end. Went to get another thimble put on the other end so i can use it as extension. The rigging shop eventually called back and said there boss didnt want to...
  10. Austin Hot Shoe

    Wanted  5, 18" black Tundra steel wheels - Austin TX

    The wheels with the round holes. Thanks.
  11. cims1970fj40

    Wanted  fj40 steel wheels

    Looking for four used steel wheels with hubcap clips. Two need to be for disc brake and the other two can be disc or drum. Located around Atlanta,Ga.
  12. Splangy

    16" OEM Steel Wheel Part Number?

    I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. Does anybody have the part number for non hubcap 16x5.5" steel wheels? One-piece, not split.
  13. FxFormat

    Is it possible to get a decent steel front bumper for ~$500 or cheaper?

    Hey guys, where's everyone buying their stuff, i'm brand new into the LC Scene, i came from a 2013 JK 2 door. Everything for that vehicle was cheap, then I was browsing around for a steel front bumper for the 100 LC and everything is over a grand?? I checked ebay, amazon, the bumper i like is...
  14. EWiz

    For Sale  Set of 4 Tacoma steel wheels. SoCal

    I picked up a set of 4 Tacoma steel wheels the other day and changed my mind. I think they are 16x7 6x5.5. Paid $50 for the set just want to get $50 for the set to recover my costs. Local pickup only please. I'm in Anaheim CA Thanks, Spencer
  15. coax

    FREE  16x7 steel tacoma wheel, 1st gen (Denver)

    Free for local pick up only, 1 16x7 black steel tacoma wheel. Near city park.
  16. DJCloz

    For Sale  4 18'' Tundra Steel wheels and Tires Socal

    I have a set of Tundra 18'' steel wheels and tires for sale. The tires are in great condition, have appx 75% tread left. No center caps or lug nuts Rims are 5x150 Lug Pattern for 100 or 200 series Tire Bridgestone Dueler Tires 255/70/18 . Located in long beach California Local pickup only...
  17. I

    Steel Brake Line Diagram/Part Numbers ?

    I was hoping someone has a brake line diagram with part numbers. I am looking to replace some of the steel/hard brake lines on my 2000 LC. I have searched via google and cannot come up with a diagram with part numbers. All searches I have done resulted in diagrams for other Toyota vehicles...
  18. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    For Sale  5 good 35" BFG KOs+custom 2" BS 15" steel rims

    Stepping up to some bigger cleats and some fancy beadlocks. The tires are totally good to go, while they're a little old, I wouldn't hesitate to run them into the ground, they have a solid 75% tread and no chunking, aging is minimal. The wheels are really sweet. I might keep them except I'm...
  19. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  Tundra Steel wheels - 18"

    Link: Toyota Tundra Steel wheels - 18 Price: $15-$20/wheel Located in northern VA.
  20. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  Tundra Steel wheels - 18"

    Link: Toyota Tundra Steel wheels - 18 Price: $15-$20/wheel Located in northern VA.
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