1. C

    LX470 subwoofer fix - $15 solution

    I want to share my solution to the blown out subwoofer in my LX470 that has the Mark Levinson sound system. I did a bit of research here and on clublexus to determine the best and cheapest solution to the problem. The main issue with the factory sub is that it is rated at 8 ohms. Most car audio...
  2. TagALong

    Question about matching speakers and amps. Can I run 50 watts through a speaker rated for 45RMS?

    Hello all, I'm preparing to start overhauling the sound system in my 96' LX 450 but I've run into a snag. The speakers I have are a pair of JBL GX528's and a pair of JBL GX628's. The smaller ones, the GX528's have an RMS rating of 45 watts and a peak of 135 watts. The larger ones, the GX625's...
  3. Brc4ever

    For Sale  San Diego: Focal ISC 165 6.5" 2-way Speakers

    Howdy Mudders! I have a new in box pair of Focal Integration ISC 165 6.5" 2-way speakers for sale. I bought two pairs for the doors of my 80, but only used one pair. These are a direct drop in fit for the front doors. The depth is fine for the rear doors, but requires sheetmetal cutting for...
  4. PuertoRico

    Stereo Amp Location - 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series

    Does anyone have a diagram or first hand experience of the 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series stereo? I've been looking for the Amplifier and can not find it. Can anyone tell me where it is? My current stereo isn't playing loud enough to hear with the windows open. I'm guessing the factory amp is...
  5. Brisco94

    1994 FJZ Stereo Upgrade - 3D Printing and Other Custom Stuff

    Going to be posting progress as I upgrade my 94 FJZ80 Stereo. Going for a factory look wherever possible, and getting creative with 3D Printing to overcome the small, shallow door speaker limitations. Here's the gear I'm working with so far: Front Door Speakers: Morel Maximo 5.25 Components...
  6. C

    Upgrading the Sound System

    Let’s start with the basics. I own a 1997 FJZ80 40th anniversary edition and looking into this for quite a while. I want to upgrade the whole sound system. I bought an alpine stereo as well as an amp bypass as I don’t think I really need a completely separate amp. I will be installing that...
  7. Miamedia

    Dash & Rear Door Speaker Install (Perfect fitting after-market Pioneer Speakers)

    I found a set of 4" Pioneer speakers that bolt directly into the dash, without modification. I am not sure if these are the same speakers which other folks have posted about in prior speaker install threads, but I am posting anyway, because of the ease of installation, as compared to the...
  8. Miamedia

    FZ-J80 / LX450 Head unit & speaker MasterSheet

    Crutchfield sent me the attached MasterSheet for the removal of all of my OEM dash & door speakers and the main stereo head unit. Please note that the CD changer and center console speaker are not covered in the attached.
  9. gericurl

    Trading windows for speakers.

    When I chopped off all the extra metal that came on my 1/2 doors I found a problem. Someone had installed a window crank (I bet it was Toyota:)), unfortunately most 1/2 doors (mine included) don't even have windows, so that just seemed silly. What to do with those now useless window cranks...
  10. mgsmith125

    Just installed front & rear speakers. Fronts unresponsive after 24 hours

    Just installed JBL GX600c components in front and 5 1/4 2 ways in the rear. They worked for 24 hours sounding great. I woke up this morning finding that my front channels are unresponsive like there is no power going to them. The rears and subwoofer are sounding great still. I am sure it isnt...
  11. 200lc100

    Front speakers not working

    So this morning I went out, started my vehicle, and my front speakers are not working. I checked the fuse under the hood, and pulled the head unit in the dash to check all connections on the back of the unit. The connections and fuses are all fine. Anybody have an idea of where I should go from...
  12. S

    Factory speakers

    I recently purchased a 2002 cruiser---back speakers in door and sub are gone bone. Previous owner told me you have to have custom made speakers etc to replace them in the factory locations. Anyone heard truth to this at all? if so any easy work arounds?
  13. 105 MAN

    Speakers into roof console

    Has anyone put speakers into the roof console? im thinking of buying a STD roof console and putting a slimline sum into it
  14. OlyWaFJ

    FZJ80 Replacement Front Door Speaker Install

    I found some older information, a lot of broken photo links and a couple of WAY too detailed videos on how to replace the factory door speakers. I want my 80 to look good from 10 feet away not 10 inches and I don't want to spend a bunch of money or time figuring it all out. I'm not an...
  15. synapse

    High end audio: Front stage SQ build

    Thought I'd share recent update to the car audio on the Land Cruiser Pioneer AVH-4200 headunit Hertz H8 DSP Hertz HDP1 1000w mono amp Hertz HDP4 150w*4-channel amp Hertz DPower4(4 channel bridged to 150w*2) Hertz HX300D 12" subwoofer Fully Active 3-way Hertz Mille Pro speakers up front, all...
  16. Jesse Ferraro

    Speaker install problems

    I’ll try to make this as brief as possible, I tried to swap out the front speakers in my 2002 LC today. Everything was going just fine, I got the door panels off, the factory speakers off and had installed the passenger side speaker with no issues whatsoever I checked to radio and got sound...
  17. 100landcruiser

    What happened to my audio

    I bought my 2003 lc the summer of 2017 for 5500. Only 160000 miles. I noticed my passenger side speakers both the tweeter and the door speaker don’t work, any way to diagnose why or what happened? I also noticed when I use my tape aux cord all 4 front speakers don’t work. I have no idea what...
  18. zgarre

    For Sale  Kenwood Speakers - fit FJ60 / FJ62 door panels

    I had these four speakers installed in the front panels of my FJ60 behind the factory speaker grilles, as well in holes cut into the two rear panels. Here is the model information: Front x2: Kenwood Performance Series KFC-1095PS Crutchfield Page Rear x2: Kenwood KFC-6995PS 6"x9" Performance...
  19. UGA2018

    60 Speaker Size

    Time to put a stereo in Old Bessie since I havent' had one since I bought it. I plan to replace to the speakers in the front doors too. I want to keep the door panels original and put the speakers behind the original grills. I'm not 16 and looking to boom out the the neighborhood. I just...
  20. K

    recommendations for LJ70 electronics?

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed. Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND! a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that...
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