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  1. LC4LIFE

    80 Series GIS Skid Plate now available

    HuddExpo is now offering the Gray Industries Skid in both Fully welded and DIY versions. The fully welded version comes in black electroplated zinc and the DIY version is bare steel. Both kits come with frame mounts and hardware (new frame hardware qty 8 M10 grade 10.9 JIS bolts and oversized...
  2. mgsmith125

    Wanted Skid plate for transmission (OEM ripped and hanging off)

    2006 Landcruiser I need an "intermediate" skid plate that covers the transmission. Mine has a clean cut on the back which has it hanging down and looks awful. The slee cover requires that you buy the belly cover which adds another couple hundred to the purchase. Im open to anything and...
  3. CloudCity

    Wanted Found, Thank You. LX 470 plastic under-engine cover (Portland, OR)

    Update: No longer needed, thank you. Hi folks, I noticed that my newly-acquired LX is missing the plastic underside "engine cover" so I am looking to replace it if anyone here has one for sale or can suggest a good place to pick one up. Used is fine, cheap new works too. I also need the...
  4. S

    For Sale Front & intermediate Slee Skid plates

    Testing the waters...... Selling my Slee skid plates. Have the front, intermediate & belly which were installed last year on my UZJ100. Planning on selling the front & intermediate. Don't do a lot of off-roading, planning to replace with stock splash shield (sourcing those pieces at the...
  5. 100landcruiser

    2003 lc gas tank skid plate

    My 2003 lc skid plate is completely rotted out to the point where there is 1.5-2 feet hole in it. Ive searched and searched but can not find a new one. please anybody tell me where i can order one online. Ive painted it with good paint that stops rust for now, but i do want to get a new one...
  6. Ali M

    Skid plates

    Been looking at Budbuilt products and they have a full length under carriage armor package (4 plates) including a plate protecting the fuel tank. Aluminum Skid Plate | Land Cruiser 200/LX570 | BudBuilt Overland Has anyone bought similar parts and what do you think of their steel vs aluminum...
  7. geocruiser

    For Sale Built 2000 LC. Rusty, but runs great

    I've owned this truck for the last 7 1/2 years. She runs great, but may need some body rust taken care of, depending on where you live. Unfortunately I need a truck that can haul some heavier loads, and I need to let this one go. $4,000 OBO ~145k miles Pittsburgh Lots of upgrades: Steel...
  8. D

    For Sale 80 series fuel tank,pump and skid plate

    I have a good used fuel tank,fuel pump and skid plate from a 1994 80 series landcruiser.Everything is in good shape not rusty.I can ship if you cover cost and accept paypal.Asking $250 for all of it.PM a phone # and I'll text pics.Located in southern WV 26261
  9. FDNewbie

    For Sale DISCONTINUED FZJ80 JAOS Skid Plate + Rear Bumper Step

    ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! So I have a few left over parts after selling my FZJ80. I've already listed my JAOS Front brush guard here: For Sale - JAOS Front Bull Bar/Brush Guard + 10" PIAA SUPER4X4 Fogs!!! WAAG Tailight and Rear Bumper Guards! But I also found BRAND NEW IN BOX: 1) JAOS...
  10. Cruisin911

    Wanted 200 Stock Skid plate

    Looking for one close to Denver if possible. Let me know what you have. Doesn't have to be showroom quality. Thanks, Scott
  11. pkelly72

    For Sale Slee 100 series front steel skid plate

    Slee front steel skid plate for 100 series. A few scratches on powder coat but otherwise looks like new. All hardware included. Located in Modesto, CA. No shipping but will be in Southern California at the end of the month. $300 Slee - Toyota - 100 Series Skid Plates
  12. Ironbuck

    Best Way to Remove Skid Plate Above Steering Arms

    I am working on replacing my power steering hoses. I removed the skid plate, but the steering dampener is in the way. Do I need to take the dampener off to completely remove the plate? Any help?
  13. clownmidget

    For Sale SOLD SOLD

  14. pkelly72

    For Sale Iron pig skid plate 80 Modesto CA

    I've got a never installed iron pig skid plate for the 80. Seen here: FJ80 Skid Plate $320. No shipping but could meet as far as Stockton. SOLD
  15. Wes

    Wanted FOUND - BJ4x Splash Guards/Under Engine Covers

    I am looking for the splash guards shown in the diagram below. I do believe they are specific to BJ4x Cruisers. (Edited to include all BJ4x years.) The part numbers are 51441-60050 or 51441-60040 and 51454-60031.
  16. AllLC

    Wanted 1999 LC Armour

    Yup, Pretty much looking for it all... 1. Sliders - as long as their solid i dont care if their pretty- though price should reflect condition 2. Skid plates- what do you have- i really like slee's but not a must just need oem upgrade 3. rear bumper- again not picky about brand here as long as...
  17. R

    Wanted 79 FJ40 Skid Plates

    I'm looking for skid plates for my 79 FJ40. Not interested in beat up & rusted out plates. But if you've got plates in decent shape I'm interested. Thanks.
  18. roadstr6

    Wanted 100 Series or LX470 Skid Plate; Charlotte, NC

    I recently bought an LX470. There is some rust through on the front skid plate. I'd like to replace it. I know lots of folks remove the OEM plate to install Slee, etc. Anybody got a factory take-off skid they'd be willing to part with? Let me know. Dave
  19. roadstr6

    Wanted 100 Series or LX470 Skid Plate

    I recently bought an LX470. There is some rust through on the front skid plate. I'd like to replace it. I know lots of folks remove the OEM plate to install Slee, etc. Anybody got a factory take-off skid they'd be willing to part with? Let me know. Dave
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