sheet metal

  1. DoubleNickels

    For Sale SOLD: Craigslist (Mine!) FJ55 Body Parts - Boise, Idaho

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Craigslist Link: FJ55 Landcruiser Body Parts Hey folks. I purchased this blasted 'n primed body from local knucklehead @J Mack - he had already grabbed the rear quarter panels. I've decided I'm certainly keeping the roof and some floor sections, but I have a lot of goodies I'd...
  2. R.K.

    FJ40 sheet metal replacement

    I'm searching for good tech articles or write-ups regarding rear quarter panel and rocker panel replacements on an FJ40. I have found plenty of good pics, but no narratives to go along with them.
  3. jimmykickstand

    Wanted FJ62 Both Quarter Panels and fenders.

    Would love some help sourcing these. I am in Southern Ca and am taking the car into the body shop. This is only my 3rd LC so I am fairly new to them. Thanks in advance !
  4. corleykj

    Wanted Old rusty 75-78 rear sill and wings!

    Anyone remove their rear sill and wings and willing to ship them to Wyoming? I am wanting to make a new rear sill for my 1978 40 series. I have made one before but it was not a 78, it was for a 1962 and I had to park it for a week or two while making it. I am trying to keep my 40 on the road...
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