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  1. M

    Fuel Sending Unit

    2009 lc200 215k miles. I have a faulty fuel sending unit. Fuel gauge and low fuel light not functioning correctly. I recently ordered a complete fuel pump assembly, might as well replace it all while in there. I have not found much info online and the best that I can see, I will have to lower...
  2. aviafx

    Low oil pressure after oil change?

    Hey mud, Thought I’d try the Mobil 1 15w50 Synthetic from a couple threads here, oil pressure gauge reads low after ten minutes of idling. Any ideas? I cleaned out the connector on the sending unit, took the new yzdd3 oil filter off to verify it has oil...the gauge usually hangs out at the 2/3...
  3. C

    For Sale  69 FJ40 Gas Tank

    1969 FJ40 Gas Tank with sending unit. $200 The tank is in good condition and does not leak. Sending unit works. Fuel pump not included. Nevada City, CA I have what used to be a 1969 FJ40 that is now more of a buggy. I have sold most of the worthwhile Toyota parts off of it but I still...
  4. B

    '75 FJ40 sending units

    The head on my 2F has two similar sending unit-looking things near each other. The front one is pretty much directly in between the carb and air cleaner, and the rear one is close to the heater valve shutoff (?): I assume one of these is the water temp sending unit - but what's the other...
  5. I

    Sending unit ohms for Fj60

    i have looked everywhere and can not find the range (ohms) for sending unit. I have been cleaning/restoring mine and it works great on meter. 16.9 ohms FULL and 125 Empty. Just do not know what it should be. Does anyone have that info? THANKS
  6. D

    FJ40: temperature sending unit

    I have a two wire plug with a one wire sender from NAPA. Is there a two wire sender ? This is a 77'.
  7. Leandro

    Oil Pressure sending unit replacement - newbie question

    Hi All i decided to accurately measure my oil pressure with a mechanical gauge and ultimately replacing the sending unit if necessary. Do you need to drain the oil to remove the sending unit? will it start pouring oil in my face if i remove it without draining the oil? Thanks in advace
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