1. bryson

    For Sale  80 series 2nd row (middle) seats grey leather SLC, UT

    Selling a set of 2nd row seats out of my 1996 FZJ80. Grey leather in good shape - not perfect, but no cuts or tears. Fit all 80 series and LX450. A few odd wrinkles and deformations in the pictures simply because they've been folded up for a few days. $250 In West Jordan, UT. Definitely...
  2. Marbleless

    Wanted  FJ60 Rear Seat Set - Complete (any condition)

    I’ve got a project for which I need an FJ60 rear seat donor. Anyone got any?
  3. mudbutt

    SOLD  Houston, TX - 1998 LX470 Tan 2nd second row rear seats

    I do not have room for this spare set of tan leather seats from my 98' LX. They were replaced with a newer version (for the child restraint LATCH system), so I need to get rid of these. The seats are in good condition, not perfect for sure. There is a brand new slight tear/cut in the single side...
  4. WesSiler

    Third Row Removal is Super Easy

    Just figured I'd share this all in one place so people can find it. Pulled out the third row and its seatbelts today: Tools needed: 14mm socket, ratchet, extension. All the trim can be pulled with your hands alone. Just pop out the outside covers off each seat leg at a time, and each will...
  5. Liekmudkip

    Wanted  Corpus Christi, tx: iso 87 yj used seats in black

    ISO passenger seat for our 1987 Jeep yj Laredo. Must be In black. Can trade great condition replacement seat in addition to money. Must be used. I’ll totally pay all shipping costs. been nonstop looking
  6. beachrider

    For Sale  FJ62 Grey Front Seats for sale, North Carolina

    Hi, I'm selling a set grey front seats out of my FJ62 that were recently removed. The passenger seat is in good condition, the driver seat as pictured has the typical seat tear on the edge. I'm asking $375.00 for the pair but I'm open to offers. If you want additional pictures or have any...
  7. Lalalx470

    SOLD  SOLD: LA: Tan 100 series 3rd row seats

    Make me an offer Out of a 1999 LX470
  8. S

    For Sale  3rd row seats - Gray - Oakland CA

    Selling my 2003 gray 100 series 3rd-row seats with headrests. They are in great condition - neither myself or the previous owner used them. Looking for $150, but make me an offer. I will ship (you pay extra) though I would prefer local pickup. Bay Area CA, Oakland. Cheers.
  9. F

    Seat Cloth Resource Needed

    I am looking for OEM seat fabric for seats. Specifically the light grey stripped pattern cloth on the seats (87 Fj60). Does anyone know or have a resource for the raw cloth I can then provide to the upholsterer? My apologies if there is a post I can't find here. Thanks.
  10. Kons

    Wanted  Troopy forward-facing rear seats & seat belts

    Looking for the forward-facing fold down rear bench seat, and the seat belts (including shoulder belts), for a HZJ75 Troopy. I'm located in Central Oregon. Hoping someone has it sitting in their garage state side. Thanks, Kons
  11. 916LC100

    For Sale  Sacramento/Central Valley: 100 Series Tan Third Row Seats ($175obo)

    Hi Folks, For Sale: 100 Series Third Row Seats. Out of a LX470 Color: Tan Condition: Near New appears to be not used at all. LX was a show dog hauler. Location: Sacramento/Roseville or Ripon/Modesto/Manteca. LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY! Price: IH8MUD Sale Price is $175 or best reasonable offer...
  12. D

    For Sale  Oklahoma: third row seats $400 obo

    Selling the third row seats out of my 1999 Lexus lx470. Good condition, no rips or tears. Located in central Oklahoma.
  13. LongBoard

    Replacement Seats

    I love my new-to-me 2013 LC. But I have two issues; 1. The seats are like a lounge chairs, way to wide and soft for me especially to taking it off road. I would love to a more bucket-like seat that holds you in place when going off road. Has anybody replaced their seats and if so with what? 2. I...
  14. TruckeeTruck

    For Sale  (NorCal) Full set of leather seats - 1991 FJ80

    For sale: a full set of grey leather seats from an FJ80. The front seats are in poor condition. Both have large rips in the leather, but the padding is all intact. The passenger seat is patched with Gorilla Tape. The middle and third row seats are in better condition. One large tear on the...
  15. U

    FREE  SOCAL 1964 FJ40 Front Driver seat and Pass Bench

    Just putting these out there in case someone wants them before I toss them. The passenger bench frame is trash, all rust and all springs were rusted away, but could be used as a template to make another. Driver frame is in tact, but the pan is rusted as well as most of the springs. The seats and...
  16. Bjorn Ogderlund

    New Seats for the Thunderbus

    After 230K miles and some 14 years of ownership, the seats in my 25 year old FJ80 were beat. Add losing 50 lbs, to the equation and my "used to 290 lbs" OEM seats just weren't holding my 240 lbs as well as they had. (Put the "B" in bachelor lean) After searching the forum and looking for a...
  17. mycophagist

    SOLD  Corbeau GTS II Seat brackets Toyota Tacoma

    The Corbeau seat brackets are model numbers #E1104 E1105 I'm willing to sell the seats separate from their vehicle specific brackets There is no damage to these seats whatsoever, just a small stain on the seat-side of one, that you will see pictured. Seat covers were on these for 2/3 of their...
  18. fitzonthemark

    For Sale  FZJ80 - Seat Covers - CoverKing Neoprene Black Fronts - $60 Shipped

    Seat Covers for FZJ80 Front Seats - $60 shipped - blackCoverking Neoprene Seat Covers - Front Seats - $60 SHIPPED by fitzonthemark posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:34 PM more coverking by fitzonthemark posted Dec 17, 2018 at 5:34 PM
  19. Whiphub

    FREE  94 80 series 3rd row seats in Denver

    Free if you come get em, outside of Denver in Evergreen, CO. Grey/blue cloth
  20. Z

    Seats interchange between 1998--2007

    Folks, My 1999 Land Cruiser seats are torn.. I was thinking to get seats from 2007 Land Cruisers and replace them with mine. Would 2004-2007 seats fit my 1999 100 Series. Appreciate if someone let me know. Thanks Zaf
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