1. Chachi254

    Ever heard of or the guys that run it?

    If this company can be proven legit, then I will delete this thread immediately. Anyway: I found a craigslist posting yesterday for a guy selling a LJ78 Prado stating that the vehicle milage was 110,000miles but the odometer showed 216,000km which == 134,000miles. I texted the seller to let...
  2. P

    For Sale Scammer!!

    2016 Summit Teardrop Trailer Selling a $20,000 trailer for $3500 so I couldn't resist. Here is my email thread! He wants me to buy a $1500.00 gift certificate and submit the certificate number to "Ebay" "Stored in the Ebay motors warehouse" in ??Butte, Montana?? Read and enjoy! I tried to...
  3. OregonB

    For Sale scam follow up

    A rig was for sale last month in the Vancouver, WA, area. Very low miles, good price. There was a recent CL post from someone who had met with the seller, turned out the seller had photoshopped the carfax plus rolled back the odometer. Apologies if this news already made the rounds.

    Questionable? Craigslist Dealing Long Island, NY

  5. Phenx48

    For Sale CraigsList scam-beware

    i received confirmation today that a 1996 FzJ I was interested in buying is indeed a scam. I was given a link for their blog that has more pictures: Bwilson7566's Blog I also listed this in the Beware section of mud: CraigsList scam/phish
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