1. bdruff

    Found at salvage yard

    Found an 85 land cruiser at pick in pull in Fresno, California 3230 E Jensen Ave, Fresno, CA 93706 Motor looked pretty complete...lots of parts. I have pictures if anyone is interested
  2. A

    Need salvage title advice

    Recently I was rear ended in what was deemed to be a total loss situation for my 94 80 series with 236k on the clock. The damage isn't that bad and the truck is still 100% drive able. The rear bumper cross member is caved in and the horns are a bit bent, especially the right side but I think I...
  3. toyotology

    60 series at U Pull It

    i was browsing the inventory of the Muncie U Pull It and they have an '87 landcruiser listed. Inventory was updated on 11-2. Might be of interest to some of you. Vehicle Inventory | MuncieUPull
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