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  1. GorData

    SOLD  Lx470 Factory roof rack

    removed the factory rack this pass weekend. Have no need for it. Its in great shape for the age. Will also include the screws which are not pictured. Looking to get $100 picked him up. May ship but need to find the price of shipping these. 2002 LX470 roof rack 1 by GorData posted Jun 4, 2018 at...
  2. M

    For Sale  100 Series Complete Rhino Rack Pioneer Set up

    FOR SALE $1200 Firm Included NIB, or opened but unused 84x56 Pioneer Tray (mostly assembled- tray done minus cross mounts) Leg Kit NIB Full rail kit Double jerry can horizontal mount -half opened 2 sets awning mounts NIB 1 spare tire mount NIB 1 hi lift mount NIB 3- 4 packs of eye mounts NIB...
  3. TXBruiser

    African Outback Roof Rack Knobs

    Looking for some help from someone with a African Outback Roof Rack. I Lost both Escape Hatch knobs on a recent road trip. If anyone happens to own a AO rack with the escape hatch could you post up the length and thread size? Im going to order some off Grainger but unsure what the specs are...
  4. Shanle929

    Wanted  Stock roof rack in SoCal

    Anyone have an 80 series stock roof rack for cheap in SoCal? I really only need the driver side, but will take the whole thing. I’m in Corona. Closer the better. It needs to fit a 1994. I’m assuming they’re all the same, but could be wrong. Thanks
  5. N

    Tracklander Roof Racks in NA?

    Been researching racks and came across this brand from Australia. A more classic approach than modular, but shipping from Australia would be expensive as the rack is 1 piece no assembly required. Ran the search and ast thread about it was a decade ago, and wondered if anyone has updated...
  6. Out for adventure!

    Out for adventure!

  7. Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

    Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

  8. fabianspeth

    DIY roof rack - floor mesh material?

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of building my own roof rack for my HJ60, as classic looking racks aren't really available in Germany, and shipping from the states would be ridiculously expensive! I already resorted to the Gamiviti Feet, since I like their design a lot, and again couldn't find...
  9. Green80Series

    FJ80 Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    So far I'm a fan of this rack. I opted for the flat option instead of one of the ones with upward or downward facing side walls because it was less bulky and costed less. It has mounts for a light bar up front, which ill probably end up using.
  10. Green80Series

    Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    Just me and my buddy installing a Gamiviti roof rack on my 80 in an office max parking lot.
  11. CarlSeattle

    Roof Rack Options

    Hello! If you’re reading this, you care about the right roof rack for your Toyota Land Cruiser. This thread will focus on the 1991-95 FJ/Z80 but I think will be useful for owners of other rigs too. I’ve been researching the many options, and will lay them out here for comments before pulling...
  12. 007

    For Sale  Roof Rack that makes 400 watts or power

    I made this Roof Rack for my FJ-80 looking to sell it. At the push of a remote button, it slides out 4 100 watt solar panels to produces 400watts of solar power on a sunny day. 1/8 all around steel and painted over with polyurethane to reduce heat. 52" LED light bar, remote Spot light, Shovel...
  13. MTKID

    For Sale  [MT] Gamiviti 100 Series Expo Roof Rack

    SOLD I’m selling my powder coated Gamiviti Expo rack with the six feet and hardware for a 100 series. Prefer Billings area but I’m up around Bozeman from time to time for work. This is in its lowest position with the basket down but I think you might be able to get it a little lower with the...
  14. gyngbld

    Wanted  Roof Rack/basket with hardware. West FL

    Im in the Pensacola region but am willing to make any reasonable drive. Im looking for a roof rack or roof basket with the hardware to attach it to my FJ80s rain gutters. Im not adamant about any one brand but do like the designs of ARB, Gamiviti, Baja.
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Con Fer Roof Rack without brackets* $300 firm

    SoCal No rust Good condition. Has brackets to join it to an FJ80 rack. Was originally used on an FJ40 NO SHIPPING
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Full Roof Rack for FJ60 - FJ80 $325 firm

    SoCal Sells new for $490 + tax + brackets. This is a Smittybilt Defender Rack . It has tabs for 4 lights in the front and two on the back. NO SHIPPING NO SHIPPING
  17. 1hundy

    Wanted  Winch Bumper and Rear bumper with tire carrier for 100 series Routt Colorado

    Looking for someone who might be selling their 100 and bring it back to stock. Looking for a front winch bumper and a rear bumper with tire carrier and or swing outs. Would also be interested in full roof rack. I have a 2006 100 in Thunderstorm grey, would be happy to give my stock bumpers if...
  18. Ohanlon

    For Sale  1985 Red FJ60 NC $3500

    Where else can you get an FJ60 in NC for $3500? I planned to renovate this, and would do it, but I have one too many non-running vehicles, and not enough time ... The good: 164 K miles Good (though old--don't leak and look OK) tires, decent interior, little rust. Great roof rack, giant jack...
  19. Swampfox58

    Topless Pig

    This rack was a beast! Was able to get it down with the help of my wifevanf 14 yr old daughter.
  20. A

    For Sale  JDM Aiba Works Noselda II roof rack - 60 & 80 series

    I am selling a Japanese imported AIBA WORKS "Noselda II" roof rack. It fit the HJ61, should also fit FJ60/62 and should fit a 80 series as they are the same width. Rack is fully adjustable. May even fit Nissan Safari, Mitsubishi Delica, etc. It includes the rack and the mounting feet with rubber...
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