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  1. R

    For Sale Yakima Mega Warrior Roof Rack for 200 Series

    Selling my Yakima Rack that I took off my Heritage Edition. I was on the truck for approx. 1 month so in like new condition and includes the locks. I don't know if this will fit on any other series Landcruiser as is or if you need new adaptors. Asking $475 Located in Scottsdale and given the...
  2. S

    Wanted NY/NJ/CT - wanted - roof rack and hardshell RTT for GX470

    Hi all. Anyone in the NY/NJ/CT area with a roof rack (Sherpa Quandry or FrontRunner preferred) to sell? Also looking for a hardshell RTT. Thanks.
  3. V

    For Sale ARB BaseRack, double Jerrycan holder, loading roller

    Hi there, I have a short ARB Baserack roof-rack for Landcruiser 200. I have for just over a year and is in excellent shape. 4 ARB straps, rollbar for loading, traction board mounting kit, double military style jerrican holder. I paid in total $1500. Located in Atlanta, GA ARB Base Rack kit...
  4. michaellouis

    For Sale Con-Ferr Rack - Nashville, TN

    I'm moving to Hawaii and the rack doesn't fit on the truck or I'd have to spend a bunch of money to ship so it's time for it to go to a new owner. It's an original Con-ferr rack that I had sand-blasted and coated last summer so it's in beautiful condition. Has 7 complete clamps and 1 clamp with...
  5. ss3walkman

    Which Yakima Lock n Load for GX470?

    Hey all, I’m starting my GX470 overland build and want to throw a roof rack on. I’m trying to figure out which Yakima LocknLoad rack will fit. I haven’t seen a GX470 with that rack, only a couple of GX460. If someone can, please share which size(s) will fit and if I should attach to the...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD SoCal 80 series/LX450 Aluminum Heavy Capacity Roof Rack and Ladder Combo

    This rack goes from rear of car to rear of sunroof. It is a Japanese built rack with extra strong 4 gutter brackets each side. It was on a JDM camperized DJ80 that was imported into the USA. Length is appx 64 inches and Width is appx 52 inches. Floor is solid fluted aluminum and has many...
  7. DC2NoVA

    SOLD Denver, Colorado: 80 Series Prinsu Rack

    Currently selling a prinsu rack from my 80 series, located in Denver, CO by Sloan's Lake. Prinsu full length roof rack (rack only) for sale for 80 series land cruiser. Feel free to send over any questions. Not looking to ship at this point, will be driving from CO to VA next week and can...
  8. J

    SOLD NC: 100 Series 2001 Land Cruiser OEM Roof Rack

    FREE. Come and get it in Winston-Salem, NC. Original roof rack from my 2001 LC. Decent shape, functional, cosmetically needs work!
  9. HardImpactDesigns

    Hard Impact Designs Rapid Release Rooftop Tent Mount

    Hello mud buddies! I am super excited to introduce the Rapid Release rooftop tent brackets I designed and have been using! The test set arrived a week early! Pics are below. This is the first of the production run which means that your Rapid Release Rooftop Tent Mounts will look just like...
  10. isidhuji

    For Sale San Jose / Bay Area : GX460 2010 Onward Roof Rack Sherpa Yale

    Full Size, Bare Aluminum with no coating (Nothing to rust or peel), to match the white GX. Used for a month and wife disapproved so moving to a hitch carrier. Bought at $1100 plus tax and shipping currently on Labor day sale at $1057 with shipping and tax. Yours for $800 Selling with all...
  11. F

    SOLD MD: FrontRunner Slimline II Roof Rack - 100 series

    FrontRunner Slimeline II Roof Rack Bought from MUD member for my 100 series. Never installed (pics from previous owner). Selling because I recently purchased a 200 series. Boxed and ready to ship. $975
  12. F

    SOLD MD: FrontRunner Slimline II Roof Rack - 100 Series

    FrontRunner Slimeline II Roof Rack Bought from MUD member for my 100 series. Never installed (pics from previous owner). Selling because I recently purchased a 200 series. Boxed and ready to ship. $975
  13. B

    Roof rack questions

    I’m going to be checking out this 80 soon if I can and from the photos there’s no roof rack, which I like, but I still see the plastic sliders along the roof. So I have a question as to whether it came that way from the factory or maybe the rack was deleted and then the holes filled. From the...
  14. WolfyStudios

    Wanted Where can I find this FJ62 Roof Rack?

    Anyone know where to source or who can make? I NEED it!
  15. manbo

    Wanted LC 200 Roof Rails

    Seeking LC 200 roof rails for my 2015 LX 570 - my roof box is extra long and I need the extra length of the LC rails vs the LX. Happy to buy used ones from someone who’s upgraded to another rack system. Thanks!
  16. RSH3768

    SOLD Arizona: FJ60/62 - Roof Rack

    Con-Ferr Roof Rack Restored with new paint, hardware, and decking coated composite wood. Universal fitment. Comes with rain gutter adjustable attachments. Dimensions (L,H,W): 72 inch (L), 4 1/2 inch (H), 54 inch (W) Came off FJ60 but will fit any series $500
  17. dahlmaker

    For Sale 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - Los Angeles

    I purchased this Land Cruiser in September 2020 from an owner in Encino, CA. It runs great and everything works. It was completely stock when I took possession and there is zero rust! It has the factory rear locker which is a great upgrade. It currently sits at 203,500 miles. History I’m the...
  18. Ma son

    For Sale Aurora, CO: 100 Series Prinsu Roof Rack

    $800 Used Prinsu roof rack for 100 series Land Cruiser & LX470 purchased in May of 2021. Has held up well and looks great still. Used to carry 160lb RTT w/ no issue. Comes with extra set of unused hardware
  19. T

    Wanted FZJ80 Roof Rack - Los Angeles Area - CLOSED

    I'm looking for a roof rack for my '94 80 Series Cruiser. Open to anything really - just need the up top storage. Prinsu, Front Runner, etc. Let me know what you've got!
  20. C

    Aftermarket flat pack roof racks

    First Post. Just wanted to get some thoughts on a question I had regarding these aftermarket roof racks. Do you guys think it matters whether the side rails are mounted directly to the mounting holes and then the cross bars mounted to the side rails (Prinsu, Victory 4x4, Westcott) vs. 2 or 3...
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