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  1. massey66fj

    Wanted  Oregon 66 fj40 seats

    Hi! I’m looking for a front bench seat for my 66 FJ40. Doesn’t need to be complete I can restore. Also looking for a factory roll bar. I have a bunch of other parts let me know what you need.
  2. B

    For Sale  Roll bar OEM good conditon with pads

    Minor surface rust. No chips or cracks. Pads in good shape. All the hardware for attaching the arms included. Hard to find oem in this condition. I bought in error since I have long jumpseats that wont fit with this NA spec roll bar. $850 obo.
  3. Luis Moniz

    Roll bar measurements

    I need help determining the roll bar measurements for a BJ40. I show in the image the measurements I need to make mine. Can someone help me? Thank you
  4. C

    For Sale  69 FJ40 roll bar

    Roll bar came off a 69 fj40, but it has obviously been modified $100 Nevada City CA
  5. CalnSam

    For Sale  FJ40 rollcage family size

    Located in Minneapolis area, can deliver anywhere for a cost. This roll cage was in a cruiser my dad bought, i believe it’s totally custom, it’s definitly over built and has quite a bit of headroom even in the rear. That being said it does not fit under a hard top, which is why I’m selling...
  6. mudterrain75

    SOLD  Curved roll bar pads

  7. FeralOne

    FJ40 Roll Bar design per year

    Curious as to which design of roll bars were used during certain years of production. For example, my 74 (11/73) FJ40 has what looks like an aftermarket roll bar with an angled side bar. In the photos, there are holes for the rectangular, typical iconic TLC FJ40 roll bar. I have seen photos of...
  8. prosport

    Wanted  FJ43 BJ43 Roll bar

    Hello, I'm looking for a roll bar and the mounting hardware/pads that would fit my longer base 1973 European BJ43 (mine came deleted from the factory and the PO converted it to a hard top with an aftermarket top). Please let me me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  9. prosport

    Wanted  Roll Bar for 1979 BJ43

    Hello, I'm looking for an OEM Roll bar for my 1979 European (French)BJ43 that came with a Deleted Roll bar and a soft top from factory but was converted to a hard tip by the PO. Thanks.
  10. Rj40Miller

    OEM Roll Bar FJ40 73

    Hey, Does anyone know if Roll bars for FJ40's have any big changes over the years. I bought a 73 with no Roll bar and looking online for one to install and the only one I am seeing is a 78. Also, Is there anywhere I can find an instillation guide or is it just obvious where to drill when you...
  11. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 roll bar

    I have a 1975 FJ40 roll bar $200 plus the ride
  12. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 factory roll bar (OR)

    Factory roll bar for '75 Fj40. Very solid, could use sandblasting and paint to look perfect. This will be tough to ship but if I'm willing if you want me to. $175 plus shipping from 97070.
  13. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 fj40 roll bar pads $100

    Pulled from a 78 fj40 roll bar. Pads are in great condition. $100 plus the ride Located in MO
  14. WaTrout88

    Painting OEM Roll Bar Pads

    I figured I would post a couple of pictures for those that are interested in cleaning up their roll bar pads and giving them a fresh paint job. The PO had about three different colors that had over-sprayed onto my pads. My guess is that they will work for lower dash pads as well but I have not...
  15. Toyoder

    For Sale  1st Gen 4-Runner Roll Bar 1st 150 Pennsylvania + More

    I have a 1st Generation roll bar in perfect condition (2) available.
  16. T

    For Sale  SOR 40 Series Sport Bar plus Profile Front Roll Cage Kit

    Brand new, never installed SOR 40 Series Sport Bar plus a Profile Front Roll Cage Kit made by Metal Tech. Also included are two FJ40 Front overhead bars. Local pickup only. Price = $600. Consider the fact that you are not paying shipping on any of these items.....I have incurred those costs...
  17. joker77535

    In search of Roll Bar???

    Hey guys I recently picked up a 1988 BJ70 FRP from Japan. I'm running into a slight search problem and need some help. I'm trying to locate the rear roll bar to install rear seat belts. Any info would be greatly appreciated whether someone knows someone that has one they are trying to sell or...
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