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  1. 84runner

    For Sale 80 ring and pinion stock - r&p fzj80 lx450 Central Coast CA

    Moved up to 5.29 r&p on my 96 lx450 with about 210k miles. I had bought the rig from an elderly couple that were the original owners, and it was in stock condition when bought. So most likely "easy" miles. $40 each set plus shipping or make me an offer Arroyo Grande, CA
  2. R

    front diff ring and pinion

    so I'm rebuilding my front differential on my 98 lc and i bought an arb air locker so i wanna replace the ring and pinion too. I'm keeping the gear ratio the same but i can't find any aftermarket ring and pinions with that gear ratio and all the oem ones are discontinued. where on earth am i...
  3. 4xsteve

    Setting up your own gears on an 8" diff

    I've been setting up my own gears for a long time now (infrequently) and just ran into a few industry changes that caught me off guard (specifically Yukon Gear, but others are likely the same). Hopefully I can save "the next guy" some trouble by putting this out for anyone that doesn't already...
  4. lorenzo816

    For Sale 80 series parts: links, driveshaft, sway bar, gears

    All of this came off a 1996 + 1997 FZJ80 full set of upper and lower links in good shape $100 + shipping rear driveshaft joints are good $75 + shipping I have two rear sway bars $40 a piece + shipping stock rear 4.10 9.5" R+P from FF disc axle $100 + shipping BEST OFFER CONSIDERED!! All...
  5. warsteiner05

    For Sale FJ80 High Pinion third member, Front, 4.10 open, + Birfields!

    FRONT Third member pulled from a 1994 landcruiser 80 series, 4.10 open, gear wear pattern looks excellent! Also have inner axle shafts and outer birfields(without tone-rings for "ABS"), knuckles, spindles, steering arms, drive flanges, rotors. LOCATED IN GREENWOOD, SC, USA. High Pinion third...
  6. txlonghorn

    For Sale 1985 4runner - many parts

    Located in Houston, TX. You pay shipping. All of these parts were removed from my red 1985 first generation Toyota 4runner 4x4. Parting these out. Have a set of 4 wheels that I removed that you can find by searching my other ads. Parts are all in decent condition. Wear and tear on par for a...
  7. SimplyTanner

    R&P swap from ADD to non ADD

    Does anyone know if the ring and pinion from a non ADD diff is the same for and ADD diff? It seems the only difference is the needle bearings in the ADD. Which I believe is actually part of the carrier and the housings are identical. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. SimplyTanner

    ADD vs Non-ADD, needle bearings needed?

    Is it possible to remove the oil seal on a Non-ADD Differential and bolt up an ADD axle tube? By removing the seal, the tube and ADD system gets oiled. The only difference I see is that with the ADD system you get needle bearings, and the Non-ADD diff only has the machined in "bushing" with oil...
  9. SimplyTanner

    2nd Gen four wheel drive hard shake and violent steer

    Hey, I'm new to the site and forum. It's obvious there are some smart people here! Hopefully someone can help me, I Just picked up my first 2nd Gen four runner. Truck drives and steers great in 2H. But in 4H or 4L it's hardly drive able. It shakes and shimmies hard and will pull the steering...
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