1. shanelu97

    New to forum....Suspension / Ride Height Question

    Hi - New to forum and recently acquired a new (to me) 1978 FJ40. I love all classic vehicles but have mostly done cars up to this point (have a 73 vette I have done all of the work on and sold a 57 bel air which I did everything on as well except body work) so the FJ and old rigs are new to me...
  2. TeddyBoy

    the "AFTER GSMTR" ride June 9-11

    Looking like there's a crowd of mid to hardcore guys going to Choccolocco on June 9-11, gonna be a mixed bag of of rigs from Jeeps to Yotas to full blown buggies. Franky, I don't care, think I'm going!!! takers?
  3. jpoole

    MUDShip  Need a ride for a door, Butte MT to Chattanooga TN area

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a driver side, rear door from a fellow mudder in Butte MT. Shipping is around $200 for that since it requires a crate. Without knowing much about this Mudship thing I thought I'd try it out. Anyone have room for a door from MT to somewhere around Chattanooga TN? I...
  4. SNLC

    Panama to the USA, ride share - short adventure!

    I am getting ready to start the long drive from Panama back to the USA. I am putting this up for the heck of it! I have done the ride share thing before from Texas to Costa Rica and it worked out well. I can pick you up anywhere along the way within reason. I can also drop you off anywhere...
  5. B

    2001 LX470 Ride Quality

    Hey everyone, I am considering buying a 2001 LX. I took a look at it today and couldn't find a whole lot wrong with it. The A/C hose line is worn so the owner was getting it replaced tomorrow. He had the part in the trunk and told me I could re-test drive it at the shop once they finish fixing...
  6. 80 Sack

    Trail Ride on Saturday, 4/22!!

    Hello members and friends of 406 Cruisers, The weather in southwest Montana is not cooperating for a trail ride this weekend. Flathead Pass was wet, muddy, and snow-packed not too far up. Soooooo that leaves us with one option…the St Anthony Sand Dunes! I know…surprising! This will be a full...
  7. JToobe

    Hurricane Creek Ride, June 2-4 2017 with ONSC and LCLC clubs

    @GLTHFJ60 and @Beau Diddly have both posted up on their clubs sites so time for me to get this up! We talked about having a ride with up to 6 vehicles from each club and coordinate camping and dining together! This is an Expo style trip in which self-reliance is the subject: Limited/no...
  8. 04gto

    Rear spring/suspension question. Spring Bumper48313-60010

    I am going to swap out my rear springs soon for a small lift and after inspecting my rear suspension I noticed that these Bumper - Toyota (48313-60010) Were really hard and plastic feeling vs rubbery. I can fell my rear suspension hit them when offroading under articulation. They seem to be old...
  9. GarnerFJ40

    10th Annual Spring Tide Ride May 4-7 2017 "Back to the Woods"

    Can't beleive it's already the 10th iteration of the Spring Tide Ride! It's changed over the years, but for the 10th anniversary, we're bringing it back to its roots. Back to the Woods! Frisco Woods that is... Frisco Woods Campground - Home <----Link for campsites Booking the campsites are...
  10. Huk

    Fj60 Softer Ride

    So I'm a little stumped at this point I recently acquired an FJ60 and it's a hell of a lot of fun. My only problem is the ride is beyond stiff. You feel every bump in the road and needless to say with the lift it has and no sway bars you kind of go all over the place afterward. I've managed to...
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