ride height

  1. A

    Weird pedal vibrations and uneven ride heights?

    Hi guys. This is my first technical post so far, so please go easy if I miss any details and tell me to provide if needed. I have just bought a 2017 Land Cruiser 200 4.6L V8 Petrol 6 speeds atomatic (UAE imported) which has only reached around 1000 Miles now, have the engine oil changed and...
  2. shanelu97

    New to forum....Suspension / Ride Height Question

    Hi - New to forum and recently acquired a new (to me) 1978 FJ40. I love all classic vehicles but have mostly done cars up to this point (have a 73 vette I have done all of the work on and sold a 57 bel air which I did everything on as well except body work) so the FJ and old rigs are new to me...
  3. SimplyTanner

    Typical 4Runner rear sag!

    Hey guys, my '93 runner has finally hit bottom, literally. I planned on replacing the coils with stock length springs and use airbags to help out. Now I'm leaning towards 2" lift coils and possibly still bags later on. Anyone have a brand preference? I'm sure there are many threads on this...
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