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  1. C

    For Sale [WA] 4x4labs 3rd row rack, Puma Compressor + Phil's Mount (80 series)

    Installed drawers in my 80 last year and removed the 3rd row rack to do so; it was barely used before I bought the drawers, no marks I can find on it. Compressor & mount have never been used - I installed the mount (from LandCruiserPhil) to test fit but that's it. - 3rd row storage, 80 series...
  2. Outsane

    Rear drawer storage and sleeping platform built

    The week of Thanksgiving our family of 4 is doing a trip from San Diego - Las Vegas - Death Valley - Yosemite - San Francisco. The last couple of trips we slept in a tent. I missed sleeping in back of the 4runner. This seemed like a great option. 1/2 birch plywood. Drawers slide great, no...
  3. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) for 200s

    <LATEST POST In This Thread: KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) for 200s> Congratulations to @milkyxj, for blazing the trail and adapting a set of 100 Series KISS drawers into his 200 series: KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) For 100 Series 200 KISS drawers Based on his work...
  4. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) For FJ Cruisers

    A quick headsup that I am finally releasing KISS Drawers for the FJ Cruiser: The above truck is a friend at work who has been relentless in getting me to build for the FJ, and we are in final production tweaks now. I don't have the model-specific details like dimensions and volume up on...
  5. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers May Run

    This thread is for communicating the status of the May, 2017 group buy of the Keep It Simple Storage (KISS) Drawers for 100 series LC & LX, and 80 series LC & LX. For a gallery of installs, info, and faq of the drawers see the website: Land Shark Outfitters For info on 100 series install...
  6. Rabango

    Rear storage shelf ideas?

    Mud! I'm looking at add some rear storage to the back of my cruiser. I just came across a video of a lady who added shelves to the back of her suburban. Anyone done anything like this?
  7. theron

    Free! FJ60 rear storage

    I haven't used my rear storage in my FJ60 in moons and figured I'd pass it along to someone local who could make more use out of it. It's located in East Nashville. There's a bunch of photos of it in my build thread, from when it was new. It still all works but has a few miles on it now. This...
  8. scrowley

    80 series rear storage unit

    I have a few sets of these units cut and ready for assembly. Includes: - Solid 3/4" AC ply construction - All ply wood edges have 1/8" round over done with router. No sharp edges - Side compartments flip up for easy to reach storage - Front compartment (directly behind rear seat) Latch style...
  9. T

    BJ70 Rear Storage and Dimensions

    Hi all, I did attempt a search, but no joy. I do have joy in being the happy owner of a new-to-me LHD 70! I've owned several 60's, a couple of 80's but this is my first 70--stoked! It, unfortunately--is in storage a few hours a way until I get rid of my current daily. It will be my new DD...
  10. cruzerDave

    Keep It Simple Storage (KISS) Drawers - Dec 2016

    This thread is specifically to communicate with those who are part of the Dec, 2016 group buy of the Keep It Simple Storage (KISS) Drawers for 100 series LC & LX, and 80 series LC & LX. For general info, faq, and customization of the drawers see this thread: Keep It Simple Storage (KISS)...
  11. montegofd3s

    Attic Racks/Storage Shelf Talk

    Hello Everyone, Last year I saw some pretty nifty designs for attic racks and storage at 100's in the Hills, and I would like to get cracking on building one this year since labrack seems to not be making them at this time (and they were like 350 bucks....ouch). Any who, I have done some...
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