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  1. Z

    Folding Rear Seat Question

    Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to iH8mud. Thanks in advance for all of the help I'm certain I'll be asking for. My first question - I've got an 85 FJ60. I've seen photos of FJ60s with the rear seat folded all the way forward to that it lays flat. In those pics, it appears that the seat bottom...
  2. 71ALUMFJ40

    For Sale Rear Jump Seats Fj40

    Have a set of rear long jump seats from one of my Fj40 projects. Seats are in very good condition with one small rip in lower seat cover about one inch as seen in pictures. Frames are solid and in good condition. Would like to get $500 obo for the pair.
  3. Aravind Dileepan

    For Sale FJ62 stock rear seat bench and back (gray)

    I'm selling the rear seat back and bottom from a 1988 FJ62. The springs, cushions, and upholstery are clean and fully functional. There are no rips or tears. The seat back does not have headrests. The seat bottom does not have the hinges that attach to the body. It does have the legs...
  4. G

    2018MY changes Rear Seat Entertainment optional!

    A nice guy over at T4R posted the changes on the LC 200 for me yesterday. Thought I would share. As a result MSRP has also been lowered $1,110. A small victory I'd say for end of model lifecycle updates.
  5. vegas

    bj40 best option for forward facing rear seat

    I'm looking at my options for removing the side facing rear seats and installing a forward facing rear seat. What are the best options available? I've got small-ish children that want I want to take on my adventures and I'd like a safer/more comfortable seating option for them. Thanks, Vegas
  6. Jasonredwood

    FJ60 rear seat re-upholstery help

    I got the fabric back on the front bottoms. Now Im onto the rear seat bottom. Having a hell of a time getting the hog rings and pliers around the center wire and any of the springs. Theres barely enough room in the spring cage for my hand and arm. Did a search but didn't find much of anything...
  7. Jason Reed

    Wanted Looking for a Con-Ferr Rear seat for the FJ40

    Hello all, I am looking for one of the old Con-Ferr Rear Seats for the FJ40's. Forward facing. Please PM if you have one available. -Jason
  8. shmukster

    Free fold and tumble rear seat for a 40

    A land cruiser friend returned this seat to me he had it in his garage for years and is not going to use it. I think I got it from a Mitsubishi Raider years ago it's in good shape and has gray cloth upholstery. Free to whomever can use it. Best to email em
  9. shmukster

    Free fold and tumble rear seat for a 40

    Ben Delp returned this seat to me he had it in his garage for years and is not going to use it. I think I got it from a Mitsubishi raider years ago it's in good shape and has gray cloth upholstery. Free to whomever can use it. best to email em
  10. apeterson

    Tj rear seat install?

    Has anyone done this? Have any pictures? Including seat belts?
  11. K

    FJ62 - Does anyone know what this rear seat piece is?

    Hey - I pulled all my seats to recover them while also replace carpets. I found two of these on the floor after taking apart the rear bench (one with L, and one with R) and have no idea where they came from. Does anyone know what these are? I now have the rear bench seat back in just fine, so...
  12. woytovich

    Rear seat gone, now this

    So my 60 has transitioned to a trailered trail rig and I have deleted the rear seat permanently. I built this platform to hold my ARB fridge, toolbox, recovery gear etc. (It'll all get strapped down of course). It attaches to the old captured nuts for the seat back and bottom. Made from 3/4" ply.
  13. woytovich

    For Sale FJ62 Gray Rear Seatback w/headrests & shoulder belts (NY)

    I have an FJ62 rear seat back (it has headrests, the FJ60 seat does not). In good shape, no tears. I also have a pair of OEM FJ62 rear shoulder seat belts in gray in good shape. Includes the dark gray square-ish pieces that cover the retractor and I might have the light gray/tan pieces that go...
  14. T

    FJ60 Rear seat "rattle"

    I've got an otherwise tight 60 but my rear seat latches rattle going over even the smallest of bumps in the road and it annoys the hell out of me. Maybe I'm too "A type" but I'd like to try and solve this. I put surgical tubing over the male dowel on the seat so it wouldn't be metal on metal...
  15. Cavalier2000

    Rear seat movage

    So the older my kids get the less and less they actually fit in the back of my bj74. Has anyone moved their seat back from its original location? I was looking up cage ideas the other day and I saw the seat was moved almost all the way back and it got me thinking. Lemme know
  16. drtyfun

    For Sale Various fj55 parts for sale.

    I have a hood, rear tail gate, couple of doors,
  17. ADVPIG

    Rear seat headrest

    Noob question. I've had my 1988 FJ62 for a week now. Blast to drive. I need headrests for my rear seat for safety reasons. I see '88's with and without. Can I modify my current bench seat for headrests? perfect scenario is 3 headrests for the kiddo's.
  18. pandasfj

    Wanted fj62 rear seat trim

    need complete rear seat ,back metal trim in any color in good condition,thanks.
  19. Brycec

    Rear seat pull

    Hey guys I thought I would post this, my rear seat pull cable wad broken, so I found a pull cable on ebay that works much better than the factory piece and I think it looks much better. Here's the part number if interested.
  20. C

    Front facing rear seat - where it comes from and how to mount

    Hi, due to a recently increased count of family members I bought, for my BJ42 from 1983, a front facing rear seat. Unfortunately any information, like e.g. exact model where it comes from and required parts to mount, is missing and I couldn't get this from the seller. Can anyone help me with...
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