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  1. lamby3804

    FJ62 New struts install for rear hatch

    I know this has been addressed before. Just wanted to give feedback on how successful the new struts swap is. Order from Amazon: $28.50 Perfect swap. Don't make the mistake of putting the new pieces together first just because it's exciting. Luckily did this with only 1 strut. Use 12mm...

    yodaTEQ Gull Wing Hatch Install video

    Just finished installing a pair of yodaTEQ gull wings. Recorded a quick video of the install.
  3. Ross

    Wanted  Rear Upper Tailgate 80 Series

    In need of a a rear upper tailgate. Preferably beige but will take any color rust free. ‘93 FZJ80 Thx
  4. Gabriel 71

    Connector differences from 97 rear hatch and 91 rear hatch

    Recently replaced the rear hatch on my 97 with one from a 91 and all was well in the world until I noticed that the door ajar light is on the dash now,and I wanted the ask some opinions of the collective on as to why this happening. Is their a different pin arrangement in the connector. The 91...
  5. David70FJ40

    Wanted  Rear Hatch Door Strikes

    The door strikers for the rear hatch were missing when I purchased the used hard top. I need one for each side. Hard top 68 - 73 FJ40; rear hatch door strikers
  6. R

    Rear hatch drip (not leak)

    When I open the rear hatch on my 60 I now have a deal where water drips into the cargo area. Seems like it's just the water shedding from the upper hatch door. Drips on the left side down from where the electrical umbilical goes from the roof into the hatch. Then directly into the cargo area...
  7. V

    For Sale  100 Series LC 1999 Upper Rear Hatch with good Glass and Electricals

    Hi Folks, About 3 years ago, I replaced the Upper Rear Hatch in my LC 1999, due to rust on the lower edges of it. But the glass, defrosting element, wiper mechanism, spoiler etc of the removed hatch are in fine working condition. So, this hatch will be good for someone in need of those parts...
  8. cybrstar

    Replace upper rear hatch

    Does anyone know how to replace the rear hatch of the Fzj80's. i know how to remove the bolts and the washer hookup but unable to locate the wire connector. Is it inside the headliner or the hatch? The 93-95 model is what I'm inquiring about.
  9. mongoose2231

    For Sale  Rear hatch bezel in nice condition.

    I have this nice bezel that I was keeping as a spare. It had a bit of surface rust on the back side. I meadia blasted it and then primered and enameled it. It should last forever now. The front side chrome is in very good condition. The plastic toyo logo has a bit of fading in a couple spots. I...
  10. TXFJ40

    Wanted  FJ40 rear hatch with glass.

    Preferably near Houston/ SETX/ SWLA or be willing to ship Thanks!
  11. g-man

    looking for a rear hatch tent idea

    Is there a rear hatch tent developed so I can sleep in the rear of my fj60 but still get up (at night if necessary) My wife may need a potty break at night if camping and I hate the thought of her climbing down a RTT ladder. We're over 50 years old so not going to climb ladders at night to...
  12. nickinportland


    Hi LC Friends- I noticed a couple of days ago my 91 FJ80 tailgate was missing the bolt for attaching the hinge to the tail gate was missing. (Pic below) Upon further investigation, I bought the bolt thinking I could just screw it back in but it seems that nut to screw into is missing. Does...
  13. FJam

    Parting Out  Side panels rear hatch and roof

    Have left/right red hard top panels for sale along with rear hatch minus the hydraulic arms and roof. Should fit from 64-71 Driver side panel is cracked but in tacked All other hard to partsay are in good condition. Roof has slight fiberglass damage and not attached to steel gutter. Well...
  14. MDarius

    Rear hatch lock cylinder fell in

    Hi! I'm a regular on Mud, but I don't come to this group very often. I got my daughter a 99 4runner a few years ago and it's been great. This weekend she put the key in the hatch lock and it just fell into the door. It's not rusted out. The hatch window also doesn't go up and down. Any tips as I...
  15. duggy

    Wanted  [TX] 80 Parts Green Rear Hatch, CDL actuator

    I need the follow parts below: Forest Green rear upper hatch CDL Actuator Passenger and Driver headlights and corner lights 91-94 CDL Switch Hood latch mechanism Located in Houston Texas
  16. G

    Help with rear hatch lock

    I only have the FSM in PDF so searching is a PIA. I couldn't find a diagram for the locking mechanism so can someone ID the lever and if a control rod goes in the plastic clip? David
  17. J

    How to remove rear hatch struts?

    I ordered a set of replacement rear hatch / gate struts but can't figure out how to get the lower "ball" style joint to release. It doesn't have any visible C-clip or pin to release it. I searched and can't find any concrete answer for a 100 series. Anybody have any hints? 04 Lx470.
  18. whitey45

    For Sale  Nos outer door handles, rear hatch outer handles

    no longer available nos oem outer door handles, 63 to 74. ( 6 available) $75 each shipped. 2 late model 75 to 84 outer handles, $75 each shipped, 2 rear hatch outer handles., 65 to 73 $85 each shipped, mint oem chrome!

    FJ60/ Fj62 rear hatch washer nozzle replacement

    Since the rear hatch washer nozzle is NLA, I found this part that is a true plug and play no hassle intsall. Half a bananna and 20 minutes you have a functional nozzle for under $20. Part is from a 2007-11 Honda CRV, this is listed as an upgrade part and includes the adjustable spray head, a...
  20. DJCloz

    Sparatic Tailgate lock Failure

    In the past couple months I have had 2 separate occasions where the tailgate locking mechanism has failed. The remote or the key did not work. On the first occasion, after my fiancé's grandfather funeral, I volunteered my LC to transport some flowers from the church to the reception. I...
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