1. Guloffroad

    Rancho RS9000 +4" for Toyota LC J8

    Hello, thank you for your excellence forum. I´m writing from Europe, Spain. We're looking for Rancho RS9000XL +4" for Toyota LC HDJ80 4.2D. In the catalogue of Rancho, we cannot find this shocks, and I want to know if anybody in this forum has mount RS9000 +4". Do you have the correct...
  2. 76 PTO

    For Sale  2.5" Rancho lift springs

    2.5" Rancho lift springs. These were on my FJ40 for about 5 years. They are not the old stiff Rancho springs. They rode pretty good. I went to a 4" lift. $200.00 plus ride, located near Dayton Ohio.
  3. dr_dobro

    For Sale  80 series stock height Rancho shock set

    I have a complete set of 4 rancho shocks In good working order. According to previous records, this have about 11k miles on them. They feel good on the road and by closer inspection as well. Boots could be replaced. RS5207 x 2 RS5208 X 2 Asking $100 shipped conus.
  4. 65swb45

    For Sale  Used Rancho springs, FJ40, SoCal

    2.5" lift. $150 for the set of 4, plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please. Mark
  5. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  6. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    My wonderful fiancee who, even though she drives a wrangler, has the same love for the cruisers as I do!
  7. 1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

    1993 Land Cruiser 80 Second Mtn

  8. 04gto

    100 series anti-rattle spring

    Hello my name is Josh, I have been a 'mud' user for a couple months. I have learned a ton of great info from this forum. I purchased a 1998 LC100 with 242k miles. People on here seem more mature, less snobby, more friendly and willing to help than any other online forum I have participated in. I...
  9. Wes

    Another Suspension Question

    So my Cruiser rides really rough. I understand its not going to ride like a Cadillac, but I have to imagine it could be better. I'm guessing it has a 2" lift, but I haven't tried to verify that. There are no discernible markings on the springs. The shocks are Rancho 5113 in front and 5116 in...
  10. HemiAlex

    2004 2.7 Prerunner Suspension choices

    Hello all this is my first post here. I've got a 2004 Tacoma Prerunner base with the 2.7. Its my little single cab work truck and its been one of the best choices I've ever made. It's just hit 140,000 relatively uneventful miles. I've owned it for the last 25,000 and I've noticed that the ride...
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