1. bwalker16527

    For Sale Diamond plate quarter panel FJ40

    Used FJ40 polished aluminum diamond plate quarter panels. Good condition. $100 plus shipping.
  2. dkdnt232

    SOLD lexus lx450/fzj80 rear quarter panel lights

    hello guys, i have a pair of quarter rear marker lights. they were removed from an lx450. so the rubber grommet has the molding for the body kit of the lexus cruiser. although the lights would fit on a regular fzj80. unfortunately they had their pigtails cut off, but you could easily re...
  3. Randyfj60

    For Sale Fj60 quarter glass both sides.

    I have quarter glass for both sides I believe it will fit a 60 or 62 any year it is oem Toyota glass. 150 a side plus shipping
  4. K

    For Sale Diamond Plate FJ40 rear quarter panel guards

    Used, pulled them off a cruiser I bought. $100+20 for shipping.
  5. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale 80 series rear quarter panels

    I have a couple sets of these in different colors. $150 each. I can drop them at fastenal. Located in North Florida. Email: Cruiserjunktion@gmail.com
  6. S

    Quarter panel fabrication

    i figured i'd post this because i've taken so much away from this site over the period of my never ending build. maybe something here can help someone. same old story: rusty '72, although not as bad as some, i decided it would be easier to replace the rockers and quarters as apposed to patching...
  7. mct75

    Leak in rear quarter panel?

    Hey! After some storms I saw that the quarter panel on the rear driver's side had filled up with water. The area where the jack would be was soaked. I assume it's the sliding window as I see that mentioned a lot. Is there an easy way to fix that without ripping it all out? Also, is there a...
  8. 65swb45

    For Sale 72-78FJ40 passenger quarter panel, So Cal

    Aftermarket, previously listed, but not currently locatable by me. Happy to delete this listing once SOMEBODY with better luck mining MUD can find me the old post. $165 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs. Mark
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