1. P

    For Sale  Renton, WA complete PTO assembly with t-case

    Hello, I'm posting this for my neighbor, Ken, and will put you directly in contact with him if you are interested. Complete 1976 factory PTO winch assembly with the gear box and transfer case so this is a clean it up and drop it in complete assembly. It does not have the winch cable but...
  2. TeamJB

    For Sale  FJ40 PTO Gearbox.

    FJ40 PTO gearbox in good condition, seal -bearing changed. 440$ shipped.
  3. D

    FJ PTO Winch - Impossible Question - brass color gear wheel "blueprint"

    I ignored my wife's threats to divorce me if I continue throwing money into my 1978 FJ40, and bought an old PTO winch. It is missing the floor shifter lever, but everything else seems to be there. I took it to the shop of a guy that restores classics (in Bolivia, South-america), and he is...
  4. TeamJB

    SOLD  FJ40 PTO

    Hello, I have couple of more FJ40 PTO's available for sale. This PTO is fully serviced, bearings and seals changed. 560$ shipped.
  5. TeamJB

    SOLD  Fj40 PTO

    Hello Everyone I have a PTO for FJ40 in good condition. 525$ shipped Pls pm if intrested
  6. TeamJB

    SOLD  FJ40 PTO

    Hello PTO for fj40 available in good condition. Pls inbox if intrested. 525 shipped.
  7. MdVdT

    Wanted  FJ55 - Looking in Washington State

    I'm finally ready to buy the 55 I've been building in my head over the past 25 years. I'm looking for something that I can work on while using it at the same time. The body condition can be a range of just shy of needing a transplanted roof to only needing surface rust cleanup. Ideally I'm...
  8. LakeLaurashawn

    Wanted  PTO Winch Brake / Clutch Assembly Arm

    Good Morning Mud - I need a PTO Winch Brake / Clutch arm assembly. In the attached pictures you can see where mine is bent and no longer operational. Open to the whole assembly or the arm itself. Please let me know what you have and how much? Shipping to 92009 Winch Bent Brake by...
  9. M

    Pto winch slipping grinding under heavy load

    Hi, any ine who can point me into the right direction. My pto winch is slipping with gear noise under heavy load only. Checked the bronze gear in the winch and all splines on the drive shaft. All ok. Break pin replaced by 6mm bolt also still intact. Any thing in the pto it self that can...
  10. I

    PTO for a VDJ79?

    I'm looking for a PTO solution for a new VDJ-79 that I will purchase. The new 79 platform and the 1VD-FTV engines are non-negotiable for my application. Anyone know what options are available? So far I'm finding nothing with regards to a PTO.
  11. sigorama

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 PTO

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Power Take Off for transfer case. Removed from a 1970 FJ-40. In good condition. $425 Email me at
  12. tupa

    PTO Winch License plate Holder

    Hi everyone, Did Toyota make a special license plate bracket to use with their PTO winch AND foglights mounted on the bumper? On the picture, the bezel is square, so it must be a 7901+ bracket. As a comparison, I took a picture of a front bumper and there are no holes. This is from a '76, but...
  13. kindoflikerambo

    Wanted  Fairey Overdrive PTO Gear wanted. Give me some love mud!

    Hey all you Mudder folks out there! (Could've had some fun word play there but I'll keep it classy) Share the love and sell me your Fairey Overdrive PTO gear that your broken down Fairey isn't utilizing pretty please! If you know any member who might have one, be a gent send them my way. Mark...
  14. S

    Wanted  BJ40/BJ42 PTO

    I would like to exchange my restored BJ40 PTO for BJ42 PTO (or buy one).Europe
  15. kindoflikerambo

    Dumb easy question: Can't find info

    Hey guys, I have a stamped 1966 fj40 (probably a '64 judging by the serrated top) and I converted from 3 on the tree to an fj40 h42 but kept my 3 speed original T-case. Two questions: -Can I use my original PTO gear with that setup and run a PTO or do I need a 4 speed PTO gear in my transfer...
  16. Rustic76

    SOLD  OEM PTO winch setup. Portland,OR

    Sale Pending.....Decided to sell the PTO winch off of one of my cruisers. This is a setup for a 40 series and includes everything pictured (minus the FJ45 it's mounted too). I am missing the one yoke/socket that connects the driveshaft to the PTO gearbox, it may be floating around my garage...
  17. viamicruiser

    For Sale  1965 FJ40L with PTO winch

    Very Rare and original Land Cruiser 1965, has original F Toyota 6 cylinder engine, the chassis is very solid and rust free, transmission and engine are very strong, also have a PTO winch very rare and strong. This is a excellent truck for a restoration project for some one to have a very...
  18. Behemoth60


    I've been dabbling with a PTO driven On Board Air solution. With all these fancy JDM's in our world, many of them have Air Conditioning, which consumes vital engine space for an engine driven compressor. As we learn to hate the factory PTO winches and replace them with something else, it...
  19. arcteryx

    Vendor  40 Series Transmission/Transfer Case Combo with PTO gearbox

    Pics and details are here 40 Series, Transmission/Transfer Case Combo with PTO gearbox already installed
  20. geologic

    SOLD  MS warehouse Find 73 PTO Capri blue

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