1. sunrk

    Corrent orientation for front tailshaft - slip joint to diff or transfer ?

    Is anyone aware of the Toyota spec for which way around a front tailshaft should be fitted? My front shaft was fitted the same as for the rear shaft (slip joint at the transfer case end just like with the rear tailshaft) but it's a part-time 4wd 80 also. Not sure if part-time vs full-time has...
  2. sunrk

    Correct grease type for tailshaft uni-joints and slip-joints ?

    What's the correct type of grease to use for tailshaft uni-joints and slip-joints? Lithium-based bearing grease, or moly-based swivel hub and CV grease? Does it matter? I keep both types because wheel bearings/hubs use lithium based grease and moly grease is for the cv's and swivel hubs. Ta.
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