power steering box

  1. MostlyNuts

    1978 FJ40 Borgeson 7812145 Power Steering Box replacement

    Hello gang, Thanks for all the help in the past. You can see my build progress on Instagram at wcw.fj40 Currently fixing the sloppy steering. All new tie rod ends and found too much play in the old PS box so decided to just replace it. It is a four bolt mount Borgeson 7812145 and I was curious...
  2. BRIND

    FJ60 Steering Box

    I have a 65 FJ40 that has a FJ60 Steering box on it, from a mid 80's model. Anyone recognize this? Better question is who's got a rebuild kit? I already replaced the seal once...
  3. Ali Ali Ali

    Fj40 power steering advice!

    Hey Fam would you guys please point me to a good powering steering kit. And let me know anything I else I should know about doing a conversion!
  4. Chache80

    Power Steering Gearbox Plunger Nut

    Rounded off the plunger nut to the power steering gearbox, I have one more that I am trying to rebuild, anybody have tips to get it out? I tried hitting it with some pb blaster, but I don’t think it would tech the threads and make a difference. The metal seemed pretty soft, as it didn’t take...
  5. amagnono

    Steering box replacement - documented

    Okay boys, I've recently worked through changing out my power steering box and I wanted to post the process here. I can say that this swap made an incredible difference in eliminating slop in the steering wheel for my rig. It went from being genuinely terrifying at highway speeds to feeling...
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