1. RTP

    Wanted  1976 passenger side hardtop window rubber seal

    Hello looking for a nice rubber seal. i have the glass but the rubber seal is not the greatest. I am sure other years will work, as long as they have the larger full window like the 1976
  2. M

    Wanted  96 LC80 Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of Pocket Fenders for my 96 LC80. Looking like the passenger front fender is not OEM so the holes are different than the rest of the vehicle, we can fix that In Connecticut - 06248 Cheers!
  3. SteveH

    For Sale  CO: *** SOLD *** 1993 FJZ-80 pass. headlight assembly

    Price lowered - Right side (passengers) headlight assembly for 1993 Land Cruiser FJZ-80. Glass is perfect and clear (a few tiny speck-sized pits, but no chips). Reflector is bright. Has bulbs. The critical 3 mounting points are good, but one plastic piece is broken (see photo). Not sure if this...
  4. RFB

    passenger side floor leaking

    I had the AC on as its stupid humid here, AND its raining like when noah closed the door on the big boat. inside engine bay dry, firewall grommet is good and the rooftop tent covers moonroof. is this the AC condensating a LOT ??
  5. D

    SOLD  Wit's End Right side Fire Extinguisher mount

    I never mounted a fire extinguisher to the mount. Just installed the mount and found out that it didn't work for my purposes. 80 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount-Right Side Mounted, but never used. Excellent condition. I'll dust it off and clean it up for you. $50 + Priority mail shipping in US...
  6. Randy88FJ62

    Blown fuse, passenger (RH) headlight. Need help troubleshooting.

    I upgraded to slcFJ62's wiring harness and all was well for a few years. Then recently I noticed that the center two hi beams on my 62 had blown a fuse in his custom fuse box. Trouble shooting wasn't going well so I pulled the entire custom harness out. Before directing my attention to his...
  7. Farrell Martin

    Pink Fluid on Front Passenger Floor

    Drove my '92 fj80 about 100 miles on the highway today and when I parked it I noticed the front passenger floor mat was wet. My first thought was the AC drain was clogged and it was condensation, but the fluid is pink. My next thought was it was coolant from a heater core issue, but the liquid...
  8. Strand4x4

    For Sale  80 Series Passenger Side Mirror Rh

    Seems like it is in nice condition. Has the chrome cover but you can replace that with your color if you have one. Other parts are sold. However, I do have a very nice set of 3rd Row Gray Seats for 100 Series in Florida and 100 Series Stock Wheels 2002 1996 FZJ 80 Oak Parts by Strand4x4...
  9. Passenger56

    Water in Rocker Panels & Passenger Floor from Sunroof?

    Hey Everyone, I have recently noticed a significant amount of water accumulating in the frame of my 2005 LC. At first I wasn't sure where but my mechanic said the water (literally gallons) was in the rocker panels and he was able to drain it by pulling a plastic plug on the passenger side. I...
  10. 65swb45

    For Sale  Early 70s FJ40 Passenger door, So Cal

    Original lily white inside and out. No respray, no hidden issues. No rust. Several small scrapes. One small dent below the lower door hinge. No stress cracks at the vent window. Door limiter attachment still in place. Basically, California mint. $450 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please...
  11. sokoloka

    Wanted  FJ40 Passenger Hi-Lift Mount

    Looking for a passenger side hi-lift mount for a 40. Interested in seeing what you've got!
  12. Cajunboyk

    Wanted  1973 fj40 front right passenger door

    Looking for a good conditon 73 passenger door.
  13. vanqu1sh

    Front passenger vibration

    My 1999 LX470 has had a slight vibration coming from the front passenger wheel area since I purchased the vehicle a year ago. Since then it's steadily gotten worse. The vibration only occurs when accelerating. Coasting or braking at any speed is fine, but as soon as I accelerate I feel the...
  14. K

    Passenger side front wheel had some "play".

    I went to get my truck inspected today (state of VA) and the inspection station rejected my vehicle because the passenger side front wheel had some "play". Sounds like wheel bearings? How can I remedy this? Thank you. 96 Landcruiser
  15. carbon60

    Fixed My Passenger Power Window

    I thought I would post this for posterity… My passenger-side power window stopped working on my 1994 HDJ81 (RHD). Neither the switch on that side, nor the master switch on the driver's side, would make it chooch. I figured relay or motor. It sometimes went down, and rarely went back up. But...
  16. DuckLN

    Passenger front right outside trim part #

    Help! Can someone pleas look up this part number? Just bot this 2006 and want to replace this trim piece if it's not too difficult. Thanks
  17. E

    Wanted  Frame Damper thingy under Passenger Door

    I have a vibration around 60+ and i read that this thing might help.. anyone have a spare they want to sell me? looks like an elongated hockey puck? thanks!
  18. on the rocks

    Wanted  FJ80 97 passenger taillight needed

    In Colorado but willing to pay shipping as well.
  19. G

    Wanted  Lv rear seat, passenger fender

    I have a 66 Lv and I am looking for a rear seat and passenger fender. Even an early 40 fender, I think it should fit the same? Also a spear for the hood. Willing to pay shipping, just trying to finish up my baby for summer! I live in Ct but travel New England for work. If u want u can text...
  20. operatorTRP

    97 LX450 passenger wheel speed sensor part number?

    Anyone have a part number for just the wheel speed sensor (passenger side)? Not the $500+ abs wiring kit etc that my search fu keeps coming up with? Mine was destroyed when my birf decided it had had enough.
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