1. A

    Part Number for Water By Pass Hose on oil cooler line?

    Anyone know the part number for the uppermost water bypass hose connected to the pipe that goes to the oil cooler? I ordered 15777-50030 thinking it was that one, but it is not. All the diagrams I find on line don't show this hose.
  2. surf40

    For Sale Fj60 Snake Blinder passenger side

    Passenger side with end caps and some mounting clips. One small ding and some road grime. Still looks good. $60 + shipping. Located in Orange County CA. Can meet within reasonable distance.
  3. jatree

    Grants Pass mechanic or shop

    Can anyone recommend an 80-experienced mechanic or shop in Grants Pass? Specialized would be best but I'll settle for anyone who knows their stuff at least somewhat specifically. Thanks
  4. Markuson

    Black Bear Pass Drivers Looky...HOLY CRAP

    You know the road we 200 guys took down the mountain from Black Bear Pass above Telluride in August? Massive avalanche started on purpose...fills the width of valley at bottom! **It takes TIME to develop, but gets HUGE. -Starts around 30 second in...**keep watching.** Incredible video shows...
  5. Cruiser Jimmy

    FJ60 and Mountain Collective Ski Pass

    Plan: Use the FJ60 to sleep in while traveling from Mtn to Mtn with the Mountain Collective Ski pass. The 60 is stock right now and I don't have any modifications to the interior, the back seat is still in. Future plans include a fully Expeditioned out rig for fun in all seasons as my new...
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